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Author Topic: Thai Natty (aka Bee) - Bodmin outskirts  (Read 527 times)

8 review(s) for Sexy Thai Leeya (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Leveve


COMMS - 7/10

Initial AW email answered promptly. Phone call was a bit difficult with broken English and a faint line but understood her well enough to establish what services were and wern’t available and get a postcode for the satnav with no problems, so good enough.


I was worried about this for a couple of reasons but in the event it turned out to be a detached and quite isolated decent enough looking home on the rural outskirts of Bodmin. Was met at the door by SP and led straight upstairs to a nice bedroom. I saw the owner of the house through a window from outside but she kept out the way so no problems.
Parking is on a layby on the road right by house driveway. Seemed fine but I’d assume the few neighbours know its a knocking shop.

LOOKS – 8/10

I’d say Natty is a bit older than her stated 26 years. However, she has a very pretty face and a lovely slim, petite, feminine body. Enhanced tits but very well done and a cracking arse. PG pics are accurate. If you like Thais then she ticks the boxes in this department.


Oral covered is not a big deal for me. No French kissing is a big letdown but she did state this over the phone to me pre-punt so I can’t complain.
Decent oral technique,
She received oral, rimming, 69, face sitting enthusiastically enough,
sex in several positions,
said no to anal,
last 10 mins of punt she rode me slowly in cowgirl with her hair hanging down around us while we chatted about AW, other prossies, the shite weather etc. I enjoyed that.
Basically pretty vanilla, but a pleasant shag.


Appointment was one hour at 120ph. I’ve had far more exciting/ filthier punts for 20 pound cheaper, so this feels a bit marginal. However, she’s a nice personality, sexy fit, does the basics well and if nothing else I’ll pay a bit of a premium for the oriental looks every now and again so I’ll just about go positive on this.

My first review here. I appreciate the advice given on another thread about her a couple of days ago, and I hope this helps the next punter :thumbsup:

8 review(s) found for Sexy Thai Leeya linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline jenner

She must have toned down a bit from when I last saw her, which was 4/5 years ago admittedly, as she was anxious to do anal for an extra £20. I'm pretty sure it was owo also.
For me her service wasn't that exceptional to warrant visiting The Garden of Eden again. If she was somewhere else I might be tempted just to see how she's aged.
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Offline JasonP

I remember when the Garden of Eden was always a good place to go for a variety of girls. Actually run like a brothel but there was trouble with the police and drugs, so I was told by at least two of the girls that used to work from there. I used to get on alright with Nikki when waiting for my chosen prossie but her mood swings eventually pissed me right off and must have done the same for the prossies themselves as a lot of them moved on.
You could actually drive in off the road and park up round the back when I went there if you didn't mind the mud.
The prossies called her The Beast of Bodmin which is about right.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (JasonP, jenner)

Offline Leveve

Actually parking round the back may well have been available and I just missed it.
I probably won't rush back but its very convenient for me passing on the A30 so I may well return. No negative reasons not to based on this experience - just a bit neutral on a couple of things. I don't know if Natty and Nikki are the only wg there at the moment.
I've heard of the place a couple of times over the years so I was wondering what it would be like. At the moment seems it quiet and anonymous which suited me. That said, I would't have minded seeing it in its hayday.

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