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Author Topic: Tender Jeanette Glasgow  (Read 2279 times)

Offline artstar

Hi chaps,new member here!

Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge about Tender Jeanette;

Her rates are cheap and I like the fact she's in her forties like me.

Offline Calum163

Rates are cheap but she advertises BAREBACK

Steer clear howler of the first order

Offline timmy1

stay far away mate, visited her once due to her rates, absolute shambles trying to set up a meeting as she is flaky as hell and fucked me about, stayed away from the bb stuff (even oral) as she advertised anal, she squeezed her butthole so i couldnt enter thinking i was an idiot. she's also alot worse looking than in her pics if you can beleive that, im talking methead :crazy:

if your looking for cheap and cheerful older woman i recommend andrea :https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2386948
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Offline Happyjose

Rates are cheap but she advertises BAREBACK

She sems to have removed BB from her enjoys, but still in her FAQ's.

Luckily members have long memories on here.

OP - surely you can find someone less skanky?

Offline artstar

Thanks for all the feedback. I'll definitely check up on NiceAndrea,she seems just what I'm after regarding age range.

But what is it with skanky girls? I'm just drawn to them I'm afraid,I like girls with flaws.

Offline David1970

Is this thread linked to the one about worst escort picture.
I am not joking I would not talk to that in a pub after 6 pints, forget about shagging it
Why would anyone pay to shag that, why you phone it after seeing the photos?

Offline RandyF

Why would anyone pay to shag that, why you phone it after seeing the photos?

Price.  She's been on AW for maybe 5+ years always been a barebacker, and always 20 or 30 under the going rate.

With no real street scene anymore, guys on the giro/minimum wage use them.
Banning reason: Troll

Wouldn't ride that thing into battle even with the lights out you would get a fright  :vomit:

pay the extra 20 quid mate and get an experience to remember for the right reasons. 

I've seen her in the flesh when visiting another girl. Pure STD incubator. She is really vile and quite scary looking. Complete slank,  total look of the crack user about her. Very intense and paranoid looking. She came in and seemed shocked a man she didn't recognise had been let in. I was a punter. I thought she was gonna kill me. Hahahaha.
Scary looking profile which keeps popping up and she's had a couple. Please take a very wide berth.

Offline Rangerslad

She lists £20 bjs but I've never been tempted in did go to horny evik a couple of times though just for oral and it was good.

Lena sweet is doing £20 bjs as well now. She's not to bad looking, does facials and cim, good attitude and has a decent set of tits to play with as well lol

Sorry cant link on this phone

had the pleasure of 'lena' myself ! lovely girl , cracking set of tits, good bj, nice tasting pussy !

pick of the crop is defo 'nice andrea'  bit older but crackin service , cim with a smile , well worth the money !

Offline JackLad

Sweet Jesus  :scare:

I never search over 30 years old so this profile genuinely scared me!

Is this a genuine question OP?

Have you seen the photos?

I'd rather have a chunk of ginger lodged in my bell-end

Offline J_H

I'm sure there was a story on here that had a few teeth missing too!
Fucking hell.

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