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Author Topic: Sophie & Alice in Lewes  (Read 343 times)

Offline Bonetti


Been looking or a good duo session at a reasonable price & seeing good FB I thought these ladies could be it.

I emailed them 30th Nov as their site/FB had been active but since the 29th Nov they've not signed in. In the hope they may surface any of you guys had the pleasure? I can't find anything here after doing a search.

Duo profile showing one pic of one of the prossies. Not exactly inspired is it. Cheap enough at £150 an hour.

Offline Bonetti

Good point but there is some good feedback from established punters.

Offline James999

One pic of a fat woman who looks like she's trying to have a shit  :vomit:

And some negative feedback  :thumbsdown:
blueboy13 (18)   15/05/2014 14:38   Seeking Services
 Made a booking on AW. Turned up at given post code on time after a 2 hour drive and her phone was off? No response since as to why? Time waster

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