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Author Topic: Leila Bradford BD1  (Read 883 times)

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Offline Moexxx

Hello fellow punters

My first review apologies for boring anyone.

Bradford Little Germany BD1

Where found
Viva street - I know I'm an idiot as I was thinking with my yeh!


£50 for 30 minutes

Services requested
Owo, gfe, dfk, Spanking sexy heels, suspenders, stockings lacy bra and panties & hygiene is a must!

Pay and display right outside apartment main communal entrance. Free after five pm.

Quick call during my lunch hour at work and confirmed my requested services were all available and included in the price. Confirmed time and duration, I was asked to call once I arrived.

Left work and thirty minutes later I was outside and called to let her know. Five minutes later the girl in the  profile opened the large communal door and gestured towards me to follow her. She was dressed in a long coat so nothing was on show.

No hi hello not a good start. I followed her in to her apartment where I tried to make small talk with her.  She spoke in very Brocken limited english asking for the brass. As I handed the brass over i knew instantly this lady is not the one who I spoke to over the phone. Hmmm

Any how paperwork sorted she left the room and returned without her coat.

She wasn't dressed as requested, when I questioned her she just shrugged her shoulders. Ok so we hit the bed she's stark naked, as I move in for some smooching and dfk she moves away saying no kiss!

She then proceeds to grab hold of my limp friend and bloomin heck her hands are freezing, she pulled away at him, when I asked for oral she grabbed a condom. I protested asking for owo, she shook her head saying no quite firmly. When I mentioned her profile she just looked confused.

At this point I wanted to get the fuck outta there, she slipped on the rain coat and said doggie I said ok just wanting to dump and go. As I pumped away my hands wandered towards her breasts, she quickly moved my hands away saying sensitive.

I quickly dumped my load and no shower was offered before or after. Didnt really bother me as I just wanted to get out of there. As I left the bedroom I spotted a few more lasses there, seems like they all work from there and one of them handles the calls and admin.

Would I return - NO NO NO
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Unfortunately this is almost standard procedure how amongst Romanians and eastern European girls. Agree everything on the phone and change it all when get there. Someone's gonna end up getting hurt or arrested sooner or later it's infuriating.

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