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Author Topic: Alina L - Stevenage  (Read 1749 times)

Offline nemesis

I thought I'd post a review of the delicious Alina.  She used to operate from her own flat not far from Stevenage.
I have visited her loads of times. TBH, while she was around I didn't have any desire to visit any other WGs.

Her profile on AW is here:


However, you'll find that it is set to 'distribute content only'. This is because she has returned to Russia for the winter. She is very interesting when she's talking about Mother Russia, I don't suppose you've come here to hear second-hand reflections on the state of geopolitics in the Eastern Bloc.

Alina is not your average Eastern European WG. She had lived and worked (in regular jobs) in the UK for an extended period and speaks the language perfectly, albeit with a rather sexy Russian accent.

She is of Tartar extraction and has (to my mind) an incredibly pretty face. Her body is in excellent shape, the result of extended time at the gym, I suspect. She has a number of tattoos, but they are reasonably discreet and not too extensive.

She doesn't have any piercings (maybe earrings!). She looks a lot younger than her age, which is early 30's. She has dark hair which she wears in a bob. That has probably changed by the time you read this.

She offers all the services, as far as I know, but I am not into anything beyond a vanilla GFE. She is a fantastic and enthusiastic kisser. She does smoke, although she had moved onto the e-cigs when I last saw her. I couldn't detect any trace of tobacco on her breath, and I'm quite fussy about this.

She is very tolerant of the older guy (me!) and works hard to get me through to the end of round two. She has fantastic oral skills, and seems to genuinely enjoy 'reverse oral'. I am frankly very skeptical when I read a punter say that they made the WG orgasm. I used to know a WG socially (don't ask!) and she said that in her (considerable) experience a WG will never have a genuine orgasm with a client, no matter how skilled or gorgeous.

Anyway, Alina is just great at sex, very funny and welcoming, and is just an all round great punt. She is just extremely natural. If it is an act then she deserves an Oscar!

Anyway, she's out of the country at the moment, but she told me that she did plan to come back on tour from time to time. I will keep a watch on AW for her profile to be reactivated. If you see that she's around then you should seize the opportunity to see her. My guess is, though, that she'll work in the West End and charge a lot more than she did in Herts, but I might be wrong.

Her rate used to be £120 per hour, no extras. She is not a clock watcher.

Her place was very clean, and she was always immaculate, usually dressed in sexy lingerie or a silk dressing gown when she let me in.

I can't really think of anything very negative to say about her. The worst thing was that her availability was very limited as she had a busy life outside of escorting.

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Nice review, unfortunately as much use as a chocolate fireguard as it's posted after she's gone.Maybe next time post when a girl is still active.

Aye well put :dash:

However, to satisfy my curiosity and perhaps for posterity - any pictures?

Offline nemesis

She did say that she intended to return on an annual basis at minimum. I am pretty certain that she will, and not only because the Russian Ruble is now trading at 83 to the dollar, compared to 50 in the summer.

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Offline nemesis

Banning reason: Multiple accounts (stevehem, nemesis)

Offline nemesis

I have some more, but as has been pointed out, possibly of historical interest only.
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I'm sure you will ring the bell if she ever returns


I had her on the HL for ages... but there was something I just was not easy with! Think it might have ben no reviews.

Will keep an eye out for her return.... Dont keep the other photos to yourself, post links for a few more (increases the anticipation level  ;) )

Offline Hunghertsguy

There'll be a few of us waiting if she comes back
Thanks for the heads up nemesis
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Well it may have been noticed that Alina's Profile is back on AW but just offering outcalls.

When it first appeared I emailed and asked her to let me know as soon as she had a place to do incalls. I was curious enough to have another look at the profile last night and looked at the reveiw:

"Fantastic! Genuine profile and girl. Independent. Statuesque 20 yr old. Face and firm figure to die for with service to match. 10/10"

But this not ring true... from previous description and AW she is 31 and slim.  Are we facing a B&S/profile hijack or is the punter sadly mistaken.. :unknown:

Offline cunnyhunt

It is likely fake feedback.

The reviewers linked profiles. :hi:

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