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Author Topic: Airbrushed pictures in profiles  (Read 326 times)

Offline Paulsenis

Been punting for a while now but never posted on this forum until now. The Swansea and West Wales scene is generally crap so a few months back I ventured to see a girl called Hannah in Bridgend.
Her profile on AW caught my eye. From her pictures she looked like a early 30s fairly attractive blonde. I realise as with any industry you are going to try and market yourself upwards so I was expecting something similar but not as attractive.
What I got was in fact a lady in her mid 40s I would say, a bit plump and a piss head as she didn't let her wine go for the duration of the meeting.
There is a thread on here from a few years ago about her where the punter walked away on seeing her. I didn't read this before visiting I wish I had.
I didn't have the balls to walk away upon first viewing plus my cock was rock hard as I'd been imagining all the way there I would be banging a fit blonde.
The meeting proceeded, she gave a fairly ok service but when I went down on her to add further misery to the meeting her fanny tasted of cheese!
In summary I thought I'd booked a blonde model but in reality it was more like booking a fat bird you could pull in any valley pub on a Friday night.

Offline jase202

thanks for the heads up p was looking at her also, i wont bother now   :vomit:

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