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Author Topic: PassionPaula - Earls Court  (Read 933 times)

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Offline thekman100

https://www.adultwork.com/2857153 or https://www.adultwork.com/PassionPaula

Thanks to a previous thread for mentioning these girls as, quite frankly, I would have never had booked looking at their profiles and services (Romanian and all that). But I contacted and received good comms, set up a time, got their v early but Paula called and guided me in. Very smooth.

Paula is girl next door type and imho has a naturally pretty face which is absolutely fine by me. Lovely smooth skin and a bubble figure. Not stick thin by any means but the photos are a good representation, she does have a bizarrely cute little pot belly!

A lovely hot shower was taken after the paperwork. Not top of the range facilities but completely adequate. The room was okay, it did have an annoying gap down the middle of two beds stick together, it did distract a bit!

Paula was happy for the camera to come out straight away and was fine with the light being turned on to get a good picture. Some good OWO, eye contact, good use of hand an spit. Now it was because I haven't punted for ages but I could have cim which is very rare for me, I am thinking I should have now as it would have made good footage but it was very early in the punt and I'm usually a one popper.

Cowgirl, felt great, then missionary. At which point I asked if a facial was possible, sadly no but in fairness not listed, we joked about it being the reason for her staying pretty. Anyway, I wanted some pop shot footage so I sat on top and edged it close and let her wank me off over her tits. A satisfactory little puddle.  :thumbsup:

We had a nice chat after this, I do wish she was a little bit more cuddly after, she wasn't cold, just sat on the other 'bed', I am thinking it maybe something to do with the bloody gap in the middle!

To her credit she asked if I wanted to go again, I had no comprehension on time and in hindsight i needed 5 more mins but we went for it anyway as I felt horny. A second pop is almost always hand action for me, which started off round two and got me hard, but then she put a mac on and I thought it might be worth a go...but as soon as it was on I knew it wouldn't work, so i took it off, asked her to cuddle up close and wanked like crazy!

Unfortunately, I definitely needed a bit more time to reach the reset button but I enjoyed grabbing her body and wanking off for a good few minutes. I just didn't quite pop properly. No fault of hers at all.

In the end I think I should have checked the time as I reckon if I had rested 5-10 more mins (I had time to spare) I would have popped twice, but it wasn't Paula's fault at all, it was mine for not checking/asking the time and disciplining myself to say 'not yet' when a pretty girl is laying next to you! Credit her for wanting to go again.

Oh...I forgot to mention, she does light FK....which I found really teasing. I really, really wanted to snog her face off several times during the session and I did feel if she is okay with a little tongue..why not a snog? But hey...SO much better than a lot of others who advertise kissing so can't complain too much.

So. all in all for £100 with filming, a good value service with a pretty lady who reminds me physically of another favourite WG sadly gone home to Bulgaria. I would return to Paula, but may also sample the other ladies at the flat too.

12 review(s) found for EroticCurvy  linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)


Thanks for the review mate! I had the same feeling with Paula she is nice and all good but somethings missing...

You Should try the other lady in the same flat Angellory she does DFK like there is no tomorrow and price ad rest is the same.

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