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Author Topic: DeepThroatQueenSammi  (Read 1278 times)

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Offline cf1982sk

The first one looks like shes had the occasional problem with recreational drugs I would say...

By occasional I mean daily.

And by recreational I mean crack and heroin.

Offline coolguy1990

The first one looks like shes had the occasional problem with recreational drugs....

Yeh she may have, poor lass.

There are some perfectly decent/friendly girls, who just happen to have a drug problem/addiction, but you can't help feeling that they are desperate/compelled and you are not only taking advantage, but also enabling thier addiction. Mind you, they have to eat too.
Banning reason: White-knight

Dont book this woman shes a the thief & a drug addict, she turned up at my hotel room and after 5 minutes she asked if she could go out for a cig, she has marks over her body where shes been injecting herself, and she stinks too and she has hairy armpits, Please stay Clear!

Offline stevedave

Well, it's the hairy armpits that talked me out of it.

Must have no seen this thread when it was first posted, I've been told this lass sometimes works/has worked as a street girl in Leeds.

Take that how you will.

When i first checked her pics on adultwork they didnt look too bad, but since shes put some more up since i booked her & you can clearly tell shes a tramp & a smack head, i suppose you have to live and learn and thats one lesson ive learned, never ever again! :scare:

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