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Author Topic: Tina - House of Divine  (Read 1595 times)

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Online lechuck

Hi all

After a bad breakup towards the end of last year I decided to get into the punting game. After reading a lot of great advice on here I feel I must give back to the community and post a review. After careful consideration I decided to go through an agency before trying an independent.

Not sure how to link from my phone but the girl was Tina at House of divine 2

Comms - agency so maid was very good. Sorted the time and duration over the phone - £70 for 30 mins

Venue - basement flat near Warren Street. Quite a good location. It's not near any bars, cafes etc so there's no one watching you enter or leave. The only negative was I was shown to a bedroom at the end of a corridor and walked past the lounge where Tina and the other girls were sitting. I felt all eyes on me which being a first timer was a bit off putting but for seasoned punters might not be an issue.  I suppose it does let you check out the other girls working that day.

The girl - the pics on the website are photoshopped but not much. The attraction to Tina for me was that she has a twitter account @tinasexylaidy where she posts unphotoshopped pics (quite regularly as well) so I knew what awaited me when I turned up.

The punt - I had a quick shower  (had to walk through the lounge again!) and sat on the bed in the towel waiting for Tina.  She came in and sat down next to me and immediately started rubbing my cock through the towel. There was some closed mouth kissing then she lay me down on the bed and started some OWO. After a few minutes of this I pulled her into a 69 where I started kicking her pussy and arse. She does offer anal but I hadn't paid for that so didn't want to risk a finger in!

After a while I felt I was going to pop so I lay her on her back and went down on her. She did allow fingering and certainly made the right noises. At one point I continue to finger her while sucking on her tits while she played with her clit and got herself off.

She then put on the mac and proceeded to ride me reverse cowgirl. Her arse bouncing up and down was a great sight and I was almost tempted to get out the extra £40 for anal! Maybe next time! After a while I changed to mish and continued to fuck her. She played with her clit again and squeezed her tits which at least gave me the impression she was enjoying herself!

When I was about to pop I asked for CIM. She lay me on my back again  and -this is the only semi negative - more wanked me into her mouth than giving me a BJ and used her tongue to block the cum as it came out so not really a CIM experience as most of it went on me!

After that I only had about 10 mins left so not enough for another pop. Her English is pretty good so we had a decent chat.

For a first punt it was a good experience and she relaxed me and made me feel like she was getting into it. I didn't tell her it was my first time and she didn't give the impression she knew I was nervous so fair play to her.

So that's the punting virginity gone. Here's to many more in 2016. Off to AW for the next one I think!

Offline Mike Oxhard

Just a point...the basement flat at HoD2 is in Victoria. Warren Street is HoD1 and definitely not in the basement  ;)

Offline mrx007

It's a shame she cheats on the CIM experience because I've seen her twice and she is  little stunner. In fact I thought she was prettier the second time I saw her. If she took a nice facial on that pretty face I think i'd go broke on her.

Offline Pony1878

After a few minutes of this I pulled her into a 69 where I started kicking her pussy and arse.

I like your Style  :cool:

Online lechuck

Yes sorry - HOD 2 Victoria

Unfortunate typo too!  :dash:

Yes sorry - HOD 2 Victoria

Unfortunate typo too!  :dash:

Unusual to miss-type Victoria as Warren Street. Especially as Warren Street is where HoD 1 is and if it was your first punt how did you know this?  :crazy:

Offline kong

hey i've seen her before, i found her a little cold but she had no problem letting me blast in her mouth!

Offline boardyhell

hey i've seen her before, i found her a little cold but she had no problem letting me blast in her mouth!
same for me ,i found her extremely attractive ,perfectly made up and groomed,if she was more passionate and provided a proper cim then she would be the perfect fuck doll for me

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