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Author Topic: Natty Oriental Girl - Edinburgh  (Read 1413 times)

3 review(s) for Natty Oriental girl (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/3216273 https://www.adultwork.com/Natty+Oriental+Girl
So I will preface this review with a disclaimer: I am very new to punting, this is only my third ever punt barring one of those red light hole-in-the-wall hookers in Amsterdam (truly awful experience btw).

I'm just going to post this because I haven't seen much coverage of this girl here so I thought I would do one myself.

To start off with, as she states on her profile; the services she claims to offer are all extras to be negotiated beforehand; I did not do this, paying £60 for half an hour. This gets you a suck and fuck with a condom on for both.

So the main reason for the negative review is that 10 minutes in she asks me to cum, I figure I've got time for two rounds so I think fuck it why not and finish (in the condom fucking her, which is actually my usual choice but also clearly the only choice), but then its time for me to leave apparently!

She clearly was not enjoying it; lubing herself up beforehand, pushing me back in doggy (to be fair though she is Asian and very small, and I am neither), really off putting fake noises ("oh yes" on repeat, I asked her to speak thai instead since her English is terrible so she starts saying the same Thai word over and over instead),

The pictures on her profile are pretty obviously airbrushed but she still looks similar enough to them that I wouldn't say its that misleading since you'd have to be stupid to not see how touched up they are. She is pretty (although when I arrived she had her hair up, I asked her to let it down which was an instant improvement).

Her tits look magnificent for an Asian girl but when you get your hands on them you'll realise they are about 80% silcone and pretty inflexible. Her nipples are huge, like bullets I know some people like that.

Aside from that... she has flatmates, I could hear them watching TV in the living room although thankfully her bedroom is right next to the front door, when I arrived she said sorry I won't be ready for 20 minutes (then when I finally get the flat number I'm 90% sure I bumped into her previous punter on the way out.)

I'm aware that I've probably done a lot of things wrong in this review since I'm a noob so let me know about them.

3 review(s) found for Natty Oriental girl linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Should also mention she kept her hands and tongue to herself.

 :thumbsup:  Thanks for the heads-up, I'm partial to a bit of Thai so it's good to know where the bad ones lie.

Offline trecorp

I can agree about this one , she is pretty hot but that alone is not what makes a good punt. I had a 15 min sesh with her and throughout me fucking her she kept repeating the same words , over and over and over agian ( oh ies fuk me, yes fuk me , fuk me , i love cock , i love cock fuk me , i fuk me love cock .. -_-) at one point I blew air out of my nostrils cause it reminded me of every stereotype asian hooker like "ohh me so horny me love u long time , i give sucky sucky banzai , five dorra !" . Another thing that put me off was that before sex I took a quick dick shower and was clean , still she proceeded to clean me with a wipe before putting on the condom ( even though i didn't ask for anything unprotected , like what do you want to make sure the condom doesn't catch an std?..) and then she started wiping the condom( pretty fuckin redundant if you ask me).. , overall she has a good tight pussy but her sex talk is attrocious .. also u get that feeling of a fast fuck joint..prtty decent if you're near haymarket and looking for a fast relief.

Offline daviebond

Im guessing that this was in or near Rutland Square. I remember there being an Asian Fast Fuck Joint there a few years ago anyway

Offline Lothian83

I'll bet it's Dalry Gait or whatever you call it. Few hundred yards up from Haymarket?

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