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Author Topic: New Young & Sexy English girls  (Read 1458 times)

Offline NIK

What do you make of this lot?

Supposed to be English and young, but look at the prices. £200 for 30 minutes booked in advance!


The "200 for 30 minutes" you quote is for 2 girls, isn't it, and for an extra 60 you could have an hour, which doesn't seem outrageous. Perhaps it's meant to discourage double-quick-time visits? I have several on that group on my list (singly!) but haven't had a chance to book a visit yet. I thought the ones I'd listed seemed valid.

Offline Brian

No face pics on display. I bet none of those girls are 18 as advertised. Probably all mid 20's.

Offline Jacob

I am generally suspicious of these 'groups' particularly when the members are all over the UK, sometimes extra fake profiles for the purpose of picture selling. Having looked at these prossies I can't see anything to indiacte it aint genuine, looks like Lucy has put it together and managing the profiles. She may or may not be 18 and as it appears she is a Scorpio we'll see by 22/11/2010. Alot of the prossies are shown as 18+ anyway. Maybe a bit pricey IMO considering VFM that's available elsewhere in London.

Welcome james2741 btw. :)

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