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Author Topic: Charlotte of Graciesgirls  (Read 1018 times)

Offline Chicky


Considering making an appointment to see this lady tomorrow. Just wondering if anybody has seen her in recent times and what she is like.

Offline frenchhorn

Saw her working for a different agency a few times think it was VIP angels
first time a bit mechanical but second alot better more relaxed her
she's a good looking girl in every way
that was 2-3 year's ago can't say what she's like now after a long break
Banning reason: Idiot who won't accept rule against STD allegations

Offline Chicky

No problem,thanks for the info. I'll have to have a good think,she does look pretty hot. Can you remember what services she offered?

Think it was amour she worked for.
Very good looking girl

Offline Sar-Major

Vital stats are very similar indeed  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

 :hi: :hi:

Offline Chicky

Had an appointment booked with her but then got cancelled as there appears to be a problem with the flat. Gutted.

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