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Author Topic: Thai Natty (a.k.a Beebeebaby I think) - Bodmin info request  (Read 564 times)

Offline Leveve

https://www.adultwork.com/2881877 or https://www.adultwork.com/Thai+Natty

I'm looking to get a booking with a decent oriental in the East Cornwall/ West Devon region.
Nothing much in Plymouth at the moment.
A couple of brief mentions of above wg on ukp sound positive on service (if this is infact BBbaby under a new name?).
Sounds like she used to work in a brothel/parlour which I'd rather avoid but is now indy.
Just mainly wondering if any info available on her type of location and parking, and any other experience of her?
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Offline Andyply

punching in her number shows this



Very pretty little thai girl, older than age on profile, mid thirties really but looks good none the less.  Very trim figure, beautiful ass and nicely done boob job.  Very friendly, good english excellent all round service and good value for money.  Although A-levels are discretionary she does them with a little encouragement, for no extra charge.  Excellent vfm punt and still hot!

8 review(s) found for Sexy Thai Leeya linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Leveve

yes sounds pretty good, just wondering if any info on type and quality of location.

Offline jenner

ThaiNatty used to be BBBaby up until a few months ago. Prior to that she called herself Bee and worked from a place just outside of Bodmin. Several WG that I know worked from there and went on to establish their own AW profiles. Almost like a finishing school I guess.
Bee was always a good punt. In those days I usually had a one pop half hour and go. Can't remember how much though. I do know that the owner was a bit avaricious and wanted a bit of any extras charged. Bee  always pushed for anal at £20 on top then.
I hope this helps.
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Offline jenner

Just remembered that when I phoned ThaiNatty's number it was answered by a native English speaker, so not her. I assumed it must have been Nikki, the avaricious owner, and when I asked where she was based and got the reply that it was just outside Bodmin on the old A30 that confirmed to me she was still working from the same place.
That put me off.
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Offline Leveve

Shame, I don't like anything other than a decent, safe, private incall where I can relax properly. If it's this Garden of Eden place and pimps are involved then not really my thing (not to criticise it, just personal preference). I'll send her an aw email anyway and try and find out her situation because she sounds good on service and photos showing fit body.

Offline jenner

The Garden of Eden was the venue.
Bought at the top of the market by Nikki and screwing the WG to pay the mortgage ever since.
Nikki  also on AW as misfit69 if you're interested but nothing like her photos !


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Offline Hawdit

Yes she is working from garden of Eden, Nikki tends to keep out of the way of her bookings though, I think bee/natty had got the measure of nikki. Natty is a good punt, a little older than she says on profile but gives a great service.But
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Yes she is a nice girl and gives a good service. Saw her a few months ago, should pay another visit. Thai's are few if any in Cornwall.

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