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    Author Topic: Best VFM ever!!!  (Read 679 times)

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    Surely not!!!!!!! This can't be true?  :angelgirl:

    Not quite sure about the overnight price tho? Think i'll just book 2 x 4hr sessions! Not bad for £70 = 8hrs!

    Fake account me thinks! (Unless someone can pleeeease tell me otherwise!)

    Offline Redevil86

    So 20 for an hour of anal sex ? But no d f k ! I'm out .

    Offline HughJardon

    This is a brand new profile, it could well be a new gal on the block or a future PG scamming profile, Ive added it to my HL to see how it transpires.

    Its a setup profile. . Prices should change once whoever is responsible for it has pussy for rent and populates it a bit more.  If the girl in the photo was at that price I am sure we would all be queuing outside. 

    Offline mashit1

    If you look at the overnight price I think someone for got to add a 0 to the rest of the price's  :rolleyes: But if im wrong let me know its worth a day off work for that price  :hi:

    Says the profile is no longer active. Somebody was taking the piss  :D

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