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Author Topic: x Love Kate x Ipswich  (Read 721 times)

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Offline Neal69

Difficult one this to rate so I went for Neutral.

 https://www.adultwork.com/3316488 or https://www.adultwork.com/x%5Flove%5Fkate%5Fx

This is the WG I saw despite contacting this one.

 https://www.adultwork.com/3024102 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+as+Candy+22

Now you may think I am going senile in my dotage as the Profile pics are the same Girl and yes you are correct the pics on the front page are the same Girl despite the distinctive Tattoo being airbrushed in the Sweet as Candy profile. Look further at the Public Profile pics and it is difficult to see that Sweet as Candy is a different WG.  I may even be wrong about them being a different WG.

Now the Sweet as Candy Profile has been changing over a period of days and the WG originally claimed to be called Emilie and the front page pics looked very nice.

Now I booked another WG that works from the same place whose English was not good but a decent punt

https://www.adultwork.com/3114621 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+Sexy+Victoria

But I was pretty sure I spoke to Emilie on the phone. Review added.

It was only when another punter on the East Anglian board commented about being B&S by Sweet as Candy for Kate and mentioned the distinctive tattoo that when faced with Kate ( although I had booked Emilie) I realised that I had been B&S also.

Now after asking on the main board for advise I came to this conclusion and rated Neutral as the Kate profile popped up on AW.

The other punter stated that he had a good punt with Kate despite booking Emilie and I like wise had a good punt with Kate.

So here we go with the review.

Comms good booked 30 mins.

Postcode texted straight away and it is a nice place on the waterfront in Ipswich.

Got the flat number when I phoned from outside and was met by a really nice cute slim Polish girl wearing shorts and a small tee shirt.

This is when I saw the tattoo and knew she was not Emilie but as she was as cute as fuck I went ahead.

Very friendly and chatty and after the payment we got straight into kissing ( not particularly deep but good enough) and stripping away remaining clothes.

Very fit young body with decent size tits and a cute looking shaved pussy.

Oral was with ( despite the likes list being without at discretion) and a 69 followed which I enjoyed. She was making the right noises but not sure how much she was enjoying it.

We then turned over and she mounted me cowgirl and fucked me to completion using her very tight pussy and kissing me at the same time.

After drawing breath we chatted and I asked her who she was and she admitted she was not Emilie but Katie and said she was staying in Ipswich for a while longer.

We chatted and cuddled the rest of the time away and I was not rushed out at all.

The trouble with this review is that although it was a B&S Kate was really cute, had a great body and a good attitude.

Had I booked and not been B&S I would have reviewed as Positive.


I don't know.

I would like to actually see Emilie at some point but a return bout with Kate s certainly not unattractive.

Hope you have all kept up with this one as it is a bit confusing.


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Offline Neal69

Right then lets see if I can clarify.

I was B&S but the Switch was a good punt.

Now the switch is showing up on another WG's profile as well as a new one for herself.

Her own Profile  https://www.adultwork.com/3316488 or https://www.adultwork.com/x%5Flove%5Fkate%5Fx

The Profile she is showing up on is the one that I thought I had booked. The one I thought I had booked  https://www.adultwork.com/3024102 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+as+Candy+22

As no faces were showing on the original WG I booked then its hard to tell if they are the one I got or not. The thing that gave it away is a very distinctive tattoo that another punter on here commented about when he got B&S and also enjoyed the switch but did not review as he was under the impression that the switch would not be long in Ipswich.

I reviewed because she is now staying in Ipswich for a while longer.

I would not have known about the switch unless I had read the comment on here about the tattoo but when asked she admitted she was not the girl I thought she was.

I am considering a return to the ne I actually met.

Aw gawd I think I am just making things worse. Time to throw the shovel out.

Help me out here Beano.

Right Last attempt.

Book Kate she is a good fuck.


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1 review(s) found for x_love_kate_x linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

I can see this is a difficult situation to explain, and you're trying your best Neal69 so maybe you could just answer the following questions so my simple mind can understand.
Who did you book?
Who did you actually see?
Who's is the other profile in you original post?

I thank you.

Online The Beano

Lol, at least I understand what Neal is talking about! He had written a neutral review for a girl called Victoria in which he also mentioned another girl called Emilie who was working from the same location, and who had her own aw page. I called the number on the Emilie page and booked. When I got there it was a different girl, called Katie. I would have walked if it wasn't for the fact that she was a cracking young thing. I did have a great time with her, including owo, but she did said she didn't do cim - although I didn't mind too much as I was enjoying the view of me giving it her doggy in the wardrobe mirror doors. She told me she was only staying two more days, so rather than review I made punters aware of the possible b&s on the Victoria thread.

As Neal said the situation is now complicated as the pages he has linked to have been updated with photos of Katie, but one has the tattoos airbrushed out. So who knows who you are going to see if you book, if it's Katie you will probably have a good time.

Offline Neal69

Thanks Beano  :drinks:

One last time.

Booked  https://www.adultwork.com/3024102 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+as+Candy+22

Got  https://www.adultwork.com/3316488 or https://www.adultwork.com/x%5Flove%5Fkate%5Fx

Same as Beano

Kate was as cute as fuck and was a great shag.

Only knew the difference because Beano had posted on another thread that he had been B&S but went through with it and enjoyed.


Kate did not have an AW Profile until later.

Kate's Pics now are showing on Sweet as Candy's profile.

Who the fuck Sweet as Candy ( Emilie)? is, who knows apart from the girl that answers the phone. Or the Girl in the Sweet as candy Gallery. But not on the front page.  :scare:

If this persists one day I will fuck Sweet as Candy ( Emilie) but maybe not as I will book a repeat session with Kate. :wackogirl:

D'ya know what.

Tonight I avoided this Polish head fuck and booked an uncomplicated Thai in Colchester for a pump and dump  :dash:


1 review(s) found for x_love_kate_x linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

So OP booked the  bait shagged the switch. Switch is now using the bait AW profile, who may or not have been both the bait and switch in the first place. Pretty simple stuff.

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