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Author Topic: FBSM NATURAL THERAPY  (Read 2061 times)

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I can report that natural therapy on the pershore road, does offer the usual b2b, hr. . . With overall good service. :)
Went about a week odd ago


Just turned up, at the door and pressed the buzzer .did not make any prior booking etc.

Door was opened and was greeted by an attractive girl that had that dirty sexual look about her. Hello darling come in, you want massage, this way in here darling .ushering me into the first room on the left as you walk in. all spoken in the usual oriental accent

As I walked into the room another girl walked in and the sexy looking one left

This girl was average looking girl in her late teens/ early twenties, slightly podgy figure, but not fat. Couldn’t really speak any English, but was very polite & friendly so I though oh what the hell, I’ll go with the flow and see what happens as it was my first visit there .instead of saying I don't want you, I want the sexpot looking one instead  :D

She asked if I had been there before etc., I said no but have been to other places etc.

So asked for an hour £40, then I though sod it I’ll just ask for b2b & hr. up front as well. Then it got a little awkward, I had to repeat my request saying body to body and hand relief /job a number of times each time getting slightly louder for some strange reason, while making a wanking motion with my hand lol :blush:

Eventually she said £40 for hour massage now, & motioned for me to get on the table etc.

So handed over the £40 and of she went, I’m left wondering have I just tried to corrupt an sweet innocent girl with offers of money for sexual acts  :(

And is someone about to crash into the room with a meat clever and threaten to disembowel me, for doing so :scare:

Anyway I gingerly took of all my clothes and about to get on the table and the door opens , oh well any chance of trying to explain it was all a misunderstanding while I’m standing there butt naked , arse in the air, one knee on the table, looking over my shoulder isn’t going to look good :dash:
Phew just her, no meat clever in sight or mob filled with rage & anger :)

So on with the massage she asked light, medium or hard opted for medium
The Massage was good she knew where I had tight muscles without me saying and paid extra attention to them areas and was massaged from head to toe, with some attention paid in between my legs brushing my sack etc.

Probably about 30-40 minutes in her asks if I want extras . I could not understand all she was saying so maybe more was on offer I don’t know but managed to agree with b2b & hr.
She proceeded to rub her breasts all over my back from my neck down to and including my ass cheeks
I got to grope everything but her pussy she clenched up and moved out of reach whenever I tried

Then on to my front gives me a tit wank while she licks my nipples, then rubs her tits over my chest while giving me light kisses on my lips, both cheeks & neck
After a while of doing this she gets off and begins stroking my knob with both hands, cupping and stroking my balls, with some nipple licking & sucking as well, with a slight bit of finger rimming thrown in

Eventually I shoot my load; she still carries on gently stroking for a while after
She then says, you enjoy and then gives me a light kiss on my lips :thumbsup:

Then proceeds to clean up the spunk with tissue, then gets several damp hot flannels and wipes me down front & back
She notices there is still time left so then carries on giving me a massage until time is fully up

All in all a good service all round, the premises appear to be clean, staff polite & friendly and the extras are on offer ;)

Offline Dodo

Thats a real good read.....informative and made me loff.......thanks.

Was it the 'sex pot' that gave you the massage or the plain girl? If the later do you know if the more attractive girl also gives extra's ??
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Thats a real good read.....informative and made me loff.......thanks.

Was it the 'sex pot' that gave you the massage or the plain girl? If the later do you know if the more attractive girl also gives extra's ??

It was the plain girl who gave the massage, don’t know her name, she spoke hardly any English

regarding the sexy looking one sadly don’t know her name either, :(
As for her giving extras, she looks the type & has that vibe,that will give extras upon the extras :yahoo:

Will have to give it another try soon, will try to get the sexy one if she’s around :cool:

Offline sanj07

How much was the extras on top of £40?

How much was the extras on top of £40?

£40 on top = £80 in total

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