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Author Topic: Sarah Coast Road Massage  (Read 2061 times)

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Offline Highlander

Saw Sarah for an hour massage 40 + 20 hr

Communication was simple enough with my text booking enquiry replied to with "call me". She sounded nice on the phone and speaks perfect English. She's friendly and easy to chat too. Address and postcode supplied quickly.

Premises is on the coast road at Sarah's clean and tidy apartment. Its easy to find with plenty of parking outside the building.

Sarah is an attractive Thai woman. I definitely found her attractive as the door opened and was looking forward to her getting her hands on me. She disappeared for just a minute as I de-clothed and we got started.

The massage was very good, it was both sensual with a variety of hot oils and herbal potions and pretty serious at times (bloody killed my calves and thighs haha) When lying on my front I mentioned I was stiff from the gym, particularly in my shoulders. She sat on my back and gave my shoulders a good working over. Quote of the day was "I've made bigger men than you cry" - Mercy woman! She said it was lucky I was the last client as she was tired from all the effort she put in on me.

She then suggested I lie on my back and asked if I wanted my inside thigh doing (I did) and it became more sensual culminating in a nice oily hand job with her spitting on my cock which was fantastically filthy and slightly surprised me (in a good way) as she'd seemed so demure until then. She also didn't seem to mind me feeling her arse up and stroking her pussy through her thong as she sighed and moaned when I rubbed her pussy. She giggled and moved away if I ventured below the thong so guess that's her limit. She expertly and vigorously "massaged" my cock with a two handed grip until it erupted over her hands.

I'd definitely recommend Sarah and would see again but I will specify a soft sensual massage next time! For a small, pretty Thai lady she's deceptively powerful.

Great Review
I have seen Sarah twice , always asked for the sensual massage after reading reports on here about how other types she nearly kills you .

Very sexy ,, fit body, certainly worth the £60

Offline Bengeo13

Great work fella,

Swung it for me to try the soft sensuous alternative

I think she is staring in the new Terminator film  :coolgirl:

She ruined me when I went, I might return and ask(beg) for a sensual massage

Really nice apartment

Offline Highlander

Haha, The Massaginator, coming straight to DVD near you.

K T - I'd agree.  Definitely feel I got my money's worth. Good value at 60 for the hour.

Ben - I think you'd like her. Just don't mention that you're stiff haha. I couldn't decide between her and Sheng but Sarah's more convenient for me. And no baby talk with Sarah  :rolleyes: although she did give my bum a few slaps! Which I quite liked :D

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