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Author Topic: Anna (Pop Pop Pop) Fife  (Read 679 times)

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30 mins £60 Incall

Fancied a change of scene so ventured into the Kingdom of Fife. After numerous failed attempts to get any response from Hot Lips Leena, I decided to take a gamble on another Thai, Anna(pop pop pop!!!). She has no feedback or reviews, but she came accross as quite genuine when I called her. So, the comms were good, initial coversation(her English is very good) to make the booking the day before and texts thereafter. I found out during the phone coversation that she only work part time, as she has a real job(turns out she has 2!). Anyway, she text me her full address, with details of where to park. Don't want to be indiscreet, so I'll just say her address is easy to find, even for a non local like me, just off the main road, A921 heading from Dalgety Bay(5mins) towards Kirkcaldy. The house/flat has good facilities, shower, toiletries etc.

When Anna met me at the door, in her well worn full length dressing gown, my initial reaction was one of disappointment. Age wise, hard to say but my guess would be mid 30's, she had told me on the phone she was 'curvy', and we all know what that translates to. She just looked really plain and plump, she's only about 5 foot tall, a pocket sized BBW, not my normal type at all, but I had come a long way and wasn't about to walk. Took a quick shower, and when I returned to the room Anna took off the dressing gown, to reveal a much better look of black basque and thong. Her tits are massive and natural, with big dark nipples, her pussy was soaking wet no lube required. The whole session was more like a civvy that you had picked up in the pub, than with a pro hoor. I began to get turned on by this and she took direcrtion well, light kissing quckly became DFK, titty fuck,OWO in various positions, got her off by hand a couple of times before finishing off with me stood at the edge ogf the bed, with her licking my balls as I sprayed all over her tits and belly.

Anna as I have already stated is not my normal type at all, but the novelty/naivety value of this punt, the fact that she only does this very part time and it's pretty obvious, does merit a positive review in my book. However, I think its the kind of encounter that I would only enjoy as a one off.

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