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Author Topic: Leila-Loves - Aberdeen  (Read 1159 times)

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Met Leila last year, her place was in Rosemount, a hotel which has a side door so no issues with any reception.

Great communications, she answered texts with no issues. Got to the door and found she had not dressed as I requested, just hate fucking an escort naked, so I promptly got her to stick on some stockings but they seemed to fall down all the time, but of a waste of time really.

First thing you notice is how bubbly she is, she doesn't stop talking and she has a great personality, she is very funny and warm and I can see why she has a lot of regulars, however she is over weight, much more than what is shown on her AW page....sadly this kinda ruined it for me, but for some this won't be an issue.

She starts off with a massage which is average, nothing special here but she does try though. Moving onto the blow job and it gets a little better but still nothing to shout about. Shagged her doggy for a bit and by that time my half hour was up, no CIM or anal, all very bland and I doubt I'd go back, there is better out there (somewhere!) for the £80 she charges.

She is reasonably attractive, but nothing special though.

However it wasn't a bad experience and she is a lovely girl, so this will be a neutral for me, but would t go back again though.
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2 review(s) found for Leila-Loves linked to in above post (0 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

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hello dear
i just see u write from me a neutral things/ well im gonna answer very easy.as a professional i do my job in professional level and about my massage i always ask from clients if they like it if somebody dont like i obviously dont do.im bubbly person and with everybody have fun. on the beggining i dont think so i was naked as i never wait client naked.and in the beggining if i open the door i think everybody see me face to face. if u doesnt liked me because im size14 sometimes12 and not  16as u said why u doesnt go away ? IT will be nothing happend i say anyway thanks for avisit and thats it. about cim and anal is not even on my profile at all but probably u visiting other cheaper level who do everything for cheap money.
and in half hour all my clients get a nice massage for 15min for relaxing start and then great sex.all the time im asking from clients which is the prefer position as people are diferent so like diferent positions.and i think thats the perfect half hour what i do with a funny chat as well.  :dance:
and from a massage im professional done school as well.but if u dont like it u can go to beauty center for 80pound they do quarter what i did with all service. in the end i see i was very nice very bubbly perfect communication lovely person.....
thanks anyway    :dancegirl:

I'll keep this short and sweet.

1) Your massage is average at best, if you went to "massage school" then you obviously didn't pay attention.

2) Where in my post do I say you are a size 16?, I said that you are overweight and judging from your photographs at the time they make you look slimmer, much slimmer, so why do this if you think you are not overweight?, why don't you look the same size as your photographs?, why are you trying to hide something?  Truth is, you have quite a belly and you wish you didn't.

3) I know you didn't answer the door naked, that's not what I said.  I requested stockings and suspenders and you had nothing on bar a gown, c'mon us blokes like a bit of cladding.

4) Back to this massage, YOU claim the best timing for a 30 minute session is 15 mins massage, and 15 mins fucking....wait a minute, what about the punter?, what does HE want?, it's his money and his time.

5) I claimed that for £80, I'd expect something a little more, you are poor value for money but you almost make up for it by being a nice chick, but that doesn't cut it for a positive review, instead I gave you a neutral review which you should be pleased with.

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