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Author Topic: elena20 - Aberdeen  (Read 448 times)

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Met with Elena a few times over the years, she claims to be Spanish but sadly I think she is Romanian.

However, she isn't a bitch like your typical skank, but she is very quiet, the sort of girl that needs a slap to waken up a bit.

She changes the colour of her hair quite a bit, sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette but either way she is a very good looking girl, nice and curvy but in no way fat, her body is great.

The sex is always the same, for example she will always lie back and invite you to lick her out first in a certain way, then she will blow you a little (average) and then she will fuck you in a couple of positions, the order never changes which is no big deal I guess, but it does make the shagging a bit on the mechanical side.

She doesn't kiss or do CIM, but for £40 extra she will let you in her bum hole and she takes the whole lot so credit to her, a wee bit pricy for anal I think.

She will dress up in stocking and sussies too, but then proceeds to take them off before starting, uhm No!, keep that shit ON girl.

Her place is situation very near Iceland on Holburn so parking is easy enough. She is on her own so no chance of hearing others walking about outside the bedroom, always a good sign.

I wouldn't pay for an hour, but for 30 minutes she makes a great plan B.

Overall she is bordering on a positive, but the mechanical aspect and the fact she is quiet makes this a neutral for me, but I'd go back if things continue to be crap in Aberdeen.
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1 review(s) found for Betty-PornShe linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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