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Author Topic: Blonde Samantha - Birmingham City Centre  (Read 2454 times)

16 review(s) for Blond_Samantha89 (13 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2559896 or https://www.adultwork.com/Blond%5FSamantha89

Price: £120 for the Hour
Venue: modern apartment circa Broad Street

The girl: very very pretty but not stunning, 5'6, blonde hair, flawless skin, a bit 'arseless' in my opinion but it's all about the titties with this girl.

Sam has been a regular for a while now, each time she leaves me drained, exhausted and reaching towards my asthma inhaler as she shags me into oblivion.... Everytime.

A brief summary of our time together would be, being met at the door in heels & lingerie or one of her outfits... I'd recommend the army girl one. 

As soon as I am through the door i get a huge hug & kiss.  I am led to the room and the DFK starts as she starts to undress me. I have a shower, she doesn't insist anymore but I get the feeling it's what she prefers so it's ok by me. Before I get in the shower the paperwork is left on the bed.  Post shower i come into the room, paperwork is on the side but still in the room and she is stark naked on the bed.  It's not a huge thing but shows a sign of mutual trust and somehow makes a difference to me that the cash isn't promptly stashed.  As soon i'm back in the room the snogfest starts again. Oral is always without and is always very good to excellent.  Then reverse oral coupled with 69, if you manage to make her cum through oral you'll see she goes very red and is very thankful about it.... She does need a minute or two to compose herself which some might find off putting but watching her change colour and lay there breathing heavily is quite a site.  Then onto the main event, once she gets comfortable with you then almost nothing is out of bounds, position wise and lately there hasn't been much need for lube which in my eyes is a sign of attraction possibly.  I'm a lover of doggy style but as she is without a shapely arse i dont spend much time there. missionary is good, looking at her while pumping her hard is a joy as she makes all the right noises and pulls some nice faces unwittingly, cow girl is what this girl was built for though.  Those G cups or whatever they are, are firm. Watching them go up and down and side to side is amazing.  Reverse cowgirl is also very good and she likes to grab onto your legs and really give herself a workout and won't stop until one or both of us has cum. Post fuck hugs and cuddles are always provided and enjoyed.  I have on occasions asked for a massage when I know I won't manage a round 2 and her massages are quite good and firm in my opinion.  Post fuck conversations were limited at the beginning as she can be quite conscious of her command of english but as she gets more comfortable she talks more and has a decent sense of humour.  She's not the brains of Warsaw and can live up to her hair colour at times but I'm not there for the conversation or witty banter.

Postives? Great attitude, good looking, great rack, prices remain unchanged as of yet

Negatives? The only negative for me is that she has put on a bit of weight lately but is on no way fat or overweight.... Most would probably say she is in good proportion but my preference is for skinny girls and I have seen her in her slimmer days so that's sticks in my mind.

16 review(s) found for Blond_Samantha89 linked to in above post (13 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Juankerr

Great review. I saw her last year. Probably the best punt ive had (im a big tits fan tho) and will deffo go back. She's built exactly the way i like my women: pretty, not skinny / not chubby, long hair and massive norks.

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