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Author Topic: NicoleWild1  (Read 1217 times)

Hi guys!
my first post. Has anyone seen NicoleWild1

Please let us know

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Offline yumyum3

No. Do tell us next time you look in the mirror

you think I am NocoleWIld1?
poor judgement...I  am not! I hope your  radar works better with working girls or you are in trouble LOL

Offline Ali Katt

£90 for 30 minutes is a ridiculous price.

Offline cunnyhunt

I like the blog.

I need a spare iphone, can anyone help.

try carphonewhorehouse, it is simple you pay money and they give you a phone,  but at £140 for an hour that would takes many weeks to save the money.

Would not book, a shit profile.

thank you for your ipmput guys. It is good to look at a profile from different angles, I tend to look at tits and forget about the rest.... I am having second thoughts now....
will give it a miss, thanks

Offline smiths

£90 for 30 minutes is a ridiculous price.

Agreed. Her free pictures are of very little help to me. Another one who has Dogging on their profiles, i bet she really offers that, not. A never for me. ;)

I think she used to be Heavenlykandi, she disappeared and came back as NicoleWild.
The previous profile was similar.

Offline tom269u001

FB looks suspect - and overly expensive. I wouldn't bother.

Offline cunnyhunt

FB looks suspect - and overly expensive. I wouldn't bother.

Yes positive feedback for not meeting. fucking stupid.

They are first time feedbacks as well.

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