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Author Topic: Annabelle & Celine: Earls Court  (Read 2581 times)

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So, this has been a helluva week, I'm knackered and in need of some gentle tlc from a couple of beautiful girls. After last week's first punt of the year with a couple of Polish firecrackers and an abject failure to book any girls from AW I texted my flirt mate/receptionist at Hot Collection for a shove in the right direction.

She suggested http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/anabelle newly arrived from Moscow and mate of http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/celin4 who I saw with another girl late last year for a relatively uninspiring session caused by the other, now departed girl's newness to the job naive youth, small tits and slightly pear shaped body, Celine, I knew was hotter than July in Caracas and up for exactly what I wanted today.

I booked 90 minutes for £600, I know what many will say about having x amount of time with x, y or z from AW but I couldn't get a booking with anyone I fancied, it's my money and I was nailed on a couple of crackers and wanted a girl friend experience which was what was delivered, absolutely beautifully.

The venue was a very smart apartment in a good quality terrace between Earls Court and the A4 with kitchen & lounge upstairs and bedrooms/bathrooms downstairs.

The girls greeted me in lacy, see through short dresses/tops [sound shit but actually very sexy, more of them later] with nice kisses and a nod of recognition from Celine. We opened the booze I had brought and retired downstairs into a smallish but well ventilated bedroom with a stand up mirror in the corner. We had a three way snog and grope and I nipped off to clean up, returning to the bedroom to find the girls in very nice lingerie and heels.

Physically they are both slim, size 8, blonde, 5 feet 7 ish, Celine with longer hair, nicely done via extensions, tanned and young [early/mid twenties], Celine is fucking stunning with nicely enhanced tatas, Annabelle is very good looking and totally natural, no tattoos or piercings, both clean, soft skinned and nicely shaved downstairs.

The session comprised lots of DFK, single and double blowjobs, RO on both and 15 to 20 minutes of cowgirl with each girl whilst snogging/playing with the other, three way cuddling, stroking, fingering, a pretty damn good oily massage from Annabelle, a bit of good chat and three pops, two in Annabelle's mouth and one, the first all over the fucking shop including bodies, faces, floor and mirror.

This was a perfect girl friend experience, they didn't interact, I didn't want that, just 90 minutes of concentration on me in a sexy, relaxed environment with a couple of lovely girls.

I then went back to the bathroom for a quick shower and when I emerged the girls had donned their lacy, see through short dresses/tops, I insisted Celine went up the stairs first to where Annabelle was waiting looking over the balustrade, let me tell you, the view was fucking spectacular and gave me another chubby.

I do have a booking with Michelle Independent & Emily's Creme Brûlée in February and can't wait to compare the best of AW with my usual agency duo punts.
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Wow £600 for 90 mins, glad that you enjoyed it.

However, useful to compare it to £220 for 1+ hour (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=82588.0) for Amanda and Dee.

I know JR, but I'm finding it harder to get a booking with these AW girls than an audience with The Pope, just tried to book Ameera & Ellie Rose for next week....

To prove my point re booking, my email and booking request to see Ameera & Ellie Rose tomorrow, written on 15 January remain unread despite being the requested form of communication, I'm flabbergasted and frustrated....

Still no response from Ameera for booking that supposed to be three hours ago, email unread, very poor comms, disappointed.

Offline Jay72

After a disappointing punt earlier in the day I was scrambling around for another one and these two were free so decided to meet them for 90 min on your recommendation Yeboah. Enjoyed it and managed to squeeze 3 pops out for the day (one on the previous punt). Would point out though the photos are quite heavily photoshopped though - theres a resemblance to the girls but not particularly close. Annabelle I thought was very sexy (would visit her again) - very nice body and very wry. Celine was fairly good looking though less my type. Services pretty much as described by Yeboah.

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