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Author Topic: Short(ish) busty Mediterranean type  (Read 965 times)

I'm looking for a classically sultry Mediterranean or Italian type, late 20s up to 40, black perhaps wavy hair, olive complexion, brown eyes, big tits and not too tall. North or East London ideally, and I would hope £130 ph or less (though special cases would be considered up to £150). OWO with CIM and busty required but anal not necessary. Doesn't have to be really from the Mediterranean; only in terms of looks. Any suggestions of WGs meeting that description or near approximations welcome.

Offline GreyDave

 :cool:  Loads of Rom`s out their laddie who claim to be from La Bella Italia but when asked dove? pull a face like I ve just asked to bugger um with a carrot and cucumber  :D :D :D

Good luck they are a rarerty  :drinks:

Not too bothered if they are Romanian so long as they have that Med look and give a good service. I've had a few Romanian girls in recent months, most of whom have been fine but they've all looked quite different to the type I've been searching for. The closest I've had is the big titted mixed Bulgarian/Iranian Zara of 52 Greek Street (walkup in Soho) who physically fits the bill perfectly. However, being Soho there is no OWO in spite of her offering an otherwise very good service and a nice shag.

Offline Steely Dan

Maybe go through the girls on the wiki? A tad out of date but it is just clicking...


Hmmm and Ellie Rose is Czech, but she looks a bit like that.
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Offline PLeisure

Ellie Rose is Czech, but she looks a bit like that.
Good call - Ellie is part Greek, I believe. She def has that sultry Mediterranean look going on. Plus her huge bazooms  :music:

Thanks guys. Ellie was on my radar but then got distracted. A timely reminder. Keep 'em coming if any of you think of anyone else.

Genuine Italian girls are the rarest thing to find on AW. Trust me, I have been looking for ages. There are a couple but none who match what you'rd after (I.e. found ones that are Italian, look it , but not busty. Found ones that are busty, are Italian, but don' "look" it...they don't have that traditional Mediterranean look).

Then of course the Romanians, brazillians, I even had a Slovenian try to pass herself off as Italian. I booked with Kinky Cleo who claims to be Italian but most definetly isn't.

Either way hope your search works out. It's tough out there to find them.

Thanks again guys but as I keep saying, I don't care whether they are Italian or not. It's the look I'm searching for, not the passport!

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