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Author Topic: Reasons to a puntin go;)  (Read 626 times)

Six stages of married life:

1: Tri-weekly
2: Try weekly
3: Try weakly
4. Try oysters
5: Try anything
6: Try to remember
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Offline drwho

Shit, I wish that wasn't quite so true


More like

1. Tri weekly
2. Try weekly
3. Fuck this, I'm going to bang a prossie.

Patience was never my strong suit. 

My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.

I turned to her and said, "Do you want to have sex?"

"No," she answered.

I then said, "Is that your final answer?"

She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying, "Yes...."

So I said, "Then I'd like to phone a friend."

And that's when the fight started...

Offline pking_paul

Terrific thread - best in ages  :drinks:

Offline Nagilum

Can't say sex was an issue in my marriage before the break up, but this gives justification to punt!

Punt on my good fellow.

Offline Bluefin

Marriage is like a town under siege... everyone on the outside wants in and everyone on the inside wants out!

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