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Author Topic: Daizy baby; Old Street.  (Read 3527 times)

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Saw this girl about a month ago, then she disappeared for a few weeks and I didnt get round to writing a review, so here it is!

Not my normal type, I tend to go for naturally pretty and fresh-faced girls, but wanted to punt someone with that 'porno' look.

Good phone communication, made a booking 1 hour in advance and went down to Old Sreet.  The flat is in a discrete road, and it's very tidy and fresh inside.  She answered the door with a smile, gave me a kiss and led me to the bedroom.  I was happy that it was definitely the girl from the photos, but she had not made an effort in any way.  I asked for her to wear red lipstick and look very made-up, but she wasnt even wearing a speck of make up and she has some pretty bad acne on her cheeks.

Talked about services, she was happy to do everything on her enjoys list, with an extra £20 for OWO.  I declined because I think that's too much, but I gave an excuse and said I caught myself with a razor so prefer oral with.  £60 for 30mins (she has since raised it to £80).

Wish I didnt hand over the money as I saw her lean over the bed, grab some wet-wipes and nonchalantly start wiping her fanny in front of me, while making small talk, asking where I am from.  I politely told her I wanted to give oral, but I would need her to take a shower and not just wipe herself.  I said maybe we can shower together, but she was in a strop at this point.  I then asked if I could have my money back as she had not dressed as requested or taken a shower, and she replied "no problem darling, I will be 2 minutes to shower".  Ran out of the room before I could even say anything else...2-3 mins passed and she returned in a damp and breathless state.

She kissed me immediately, and I must say her DFK was very good as she pressed her large enhanced chest against me.  On to the bed, she allowed touching of her clit but no fingering.  Enjoyed playing with her breasts, but she is apparently very sensitive there and complained twice when I wasnt even doing much apart from licking her nipples.  As she was now fresh, I went down and she was very responsive to oral.  Some 69 thereafter, and she did a very good deepthroat too.  I thought things were taking a turn for the better...

"You want to have sex now?" she barked.  I said I wanted more 69, yet she still jumped off me and grabbed her lube and absolutely smothered her fanny in it- I was aghast, she literally squeezed the bottle for like 3 seconds and filled her entire hand with it then stuffed it downstairs.  "Come on, fuck me" she said in just about the least enthusiastic tone you could imagine.  So I did.  To my surprise she was very tight and I was enjoying myself, although I am not sure I could say the same for her.  Missionary, doggie, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl and lots of other positions I dont even know the names of.  She was very much taking the lead in all of this and it felt like she was just running through the motions.  Eventually I came a bit over 30mins while she was in the squat position (which she did very aggressively and with remarkable balance). 

Post punt chat ensued, she's from Hungary and speaks good English, but kept asking me lots of personal questions, which I didn't really like.  On the way out she apologised for not being ready on time and promised "next time I will be much better for you".

That's nice to know, but there is not going to be one, darling.
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I have also seen this girl in the same flat, and she is 100x better. Will write a full report for her shortly, but she is excellent.


Good job for sticking to your guns to get her to shower or threatening to leave.

Can't stand wet-wipe-working girls, it's disgusting.

wet wipes? you are putting me off punting !!! god thats yuck!

Offline Ali Katt

Good review, also props for sticking to your guns and not standing for sloppy practices. Good looking girl, I normally don't like tatts, but hers look ok.

Offline mofukker

from her pics she looks like a tranny, even faker than jordan

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Offline James999

She looks freakish and about 7 foot tall  :vomit:

Offline Ali Katt

She looks freakish and about 7 foot tall  :vomit:
6' according to her profile. She looks like a mutant robo-barbie doll, I quite like the look of her, I don't if she would be frightening in person.

Tony Montana

Someone should advise her not to use pictures with her facebook id in the name.

Offline yumyum3

mutant robo-barbie doll
That should have been a drive-in 50s B movie  :scare:
Must be due for a re-make  :drinks:

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