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Author Topic: Jessica of Allure anyone?  (Read 798 times)

Offline Chicky


Just wondering if anyone has been to see this lady yet? Not many reviews of her yet she looks amazing. Any view and recommendations would be great.

Check out the search button, there is a review.

Offline Chicky

Yeah I've seen that one just wondering if anyone else had been to see her, just to get a broader bit of info about her really.

Offline Rod trotter

Shes new so you aint gonna get much info tbh.

No cim/facials or anal so run of the mill services from a fit looking blonde, my advice is if you arent munch of a kinky cunt like me shed be fine for a GFE
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Online OscarC

I believe she was formerly Lara of NNE. Mixed reviews, apparently didn't like to kiss.  For me that's an important  part of a punt, so would be a no go for me.

Offline action14

Also known as layla jones  with some mixed reviews if you search on uk punting.

Offline Highlander

Nah Rod, she's not new, just rebranded.  Used to be Layla Jones. I think she was at Diamonds for a while.

There was a bit of a saga on here about a photo where she looked a bit ropey facially but some others including Prof Yaffle whose opinion I respect said it was just an unflattering shot. Even so It's put me off booking so far.

Yes I saw her when she was Layla Jones on AW and would recommend her. See my review here:

There's a slightly more unblurred photo of her face on UKE:

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