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Author Topic: Hot blonde Lena - Warren Street  (Read 2518 times)

10 review(s) for xLena (6 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Hertsgent

www.adultwork.com/2746957 or www.adultwork.com/Hot+blonde+lena

Had to broaden my London horizons due to the unavailability of my usual London excursion, but at reasonably short notice, so rifled through my AW London hotlist for available WGs as an alternative to a walk up. Slightly risky as a bit dated, but came across three possibilities - Lena was my pick on location primarily.

Checked the UKP feedback, which is 5 positive, 1 neutral , 2 negative at time of posting to my knowledge, and I can see useful information in all these, where people potentially have a different opinion on a similar trait .

So, in my opinion, excellent communications by text throughout, time sorted (30 mins at £70). Very good location near Warren St tube in a good apartment with discrete access. This was a clincher for me, as nervous of shitholes in London, and also nicely central. Called in on time with no delays.

Lena is an attractive EE (polish/Czech - EE are generally my thing), with a good figure, and excellent assets (as has been commented before). Very friendly, good conversation, and relaxed and fun personality. I'm on the vanilla scale of punting wishlists, and generally go with the flow, although I make requests where necessary (usually where RO is concerned) - so we engaged in oral both ways, Lena was happy for me to do a bit of exploration generally, and sex in various positions. Good conversation throughout, short massage after, and quick shower before departing. Wasn't really any kissing, and didn't push it, so not really sure if this is on offer or not.

Others have mentioned rushing . I didn't feel rushed personally, but we were managing to the agreed time slot - no problem there for me, and 30 min punts are always a bit organised in a way.

Was it an explosive punt? No, but Lena was good relaxing company and did all that I fancied - always difficult to know if things escalate on return visits or longer bookings. I would happily revisit, although given the choice in London it may be unlikely. But at the prices Lena currently quotes (£70/110 for 30/60 mins), it was a good positive experience.

Also saved me £50-£60 cash on what I normally experience in London (admittedly for half the punting time). Had a wander around Soho, as always fancy a seedy walk up , but didn't feel I had another pop in me - love the shady characters around there , one bloke outside 8 Greek St seemed to be limbering up for his punt, presumably as the WG was busy!

10 review(s) found for xLena linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Cheers OP for the review

Went to visit her today - would largely agree with you.
She's nervous about OWO as she doesn't seem to like CIM. Mentioned that to me herself, not fussed as I wasn't after that. She does kissing, not FK from what I experienced.

Couldn't agree more on those tits. Fuck me sideways they are incredible. Perky full large and they bounce around. Would say a very full C/D cup.
West8 mentioned them in a review I think - possibly the best rack I've seen.

Shame about the face though - bit of a pig far if I'm being blunt but you focus will not be on her face when she gets her tits out 

Offline Cunning Punt

Went to visit her today - would largely agree with you.

All that info is very useful.

It would be good if you could copy & paste and elaborate a bit for a standalone review at some stage.

I realise the OP has just done one but more reviews help build a fuller picture, particularly as she does not have that many reviews and it seems her service is slipping if the FK and OWO is half-hearted.

If she is fairly ugly as well, then I'm not sure I will be going to see her.

So she's off my HL and thank you both for the comments.  :hi:

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