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Author Topic: bustydd_angel2 (Tufnell Park)  (Read 1100 times)

31 review(s) for bustydd_angel2 (30 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline LL

https://www.adultwork.com/3002620 or https://www.adultwork.com/bustydd%5Fangel2

Evening. Thought I'd add to the growing pool of positive reviews this girl's collecting. She's popular right now but I booked through AW, several days in advance - so no problems there. I'm trying something different in my punting for the new year. Spontaneity isn't working out for me at the moment. Let's try this forward planning thing instead.

Travelled to Kentish Town tube. Her flat only a few minutes' walk from there. I really liked the area - it felt safe and looked nice - clean streets, smart town-houses. Entrance is discreet enough. "Laura" greets me at the door smiling. You know when you go into a punt and you can just tell it's going to be a great one? That's the vibe I got tonight. Quick introduction, then took one of those super fast showers that you only have on a punt. Can you imagine being that quick at home?! The wife would think that very odd - "out of the shower already? But you only just went in!". Time is money, on a punt as we well know. Back into the bedroom and Laura is sitting on the bed waiting for me, smiling again. See I knew it'd be good. No time-wasting tactics employed by her. Many of them would have me waiting on that same bed, staring at the wall, just in my underpants whilst the girl does fuck-knows-what for 5 minutes or so elsewhere in the flat.

Down to business then. Laura is looking into my eyes when I go to kiss her, she's quite pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way, not stunning. She kisses passionately and deep. She pulls me close and I feel terrific. Wait, I know this sensation. It's the girlfriend experience. I've not had it for a while! It seems to be more and more difficult to find, at least in my price-bracket. This would be the kind of punt where you get lost in the moment and almost forget you're paying for it - at least until your time runs out! And time was ticking away - I'd only booked 30 minutes. I stripped her out of a nice tight red dress, unclipped her bra and felt it give way to unleash those magnificent jugs of hers. Really. I didn't think I was that into big tits but when you have a pair like this in front of you, holding them in your hands to admire them like the things of beauty which the are, I felt like I was going to get all religious and thank God or something. I gave them a good suck instead. They're like the best tits you've seen on Babestation - on the rare occasion that the phone-shaker on duty has real tits, that is. I whipped Laura's knickers off and gave her pussy a few licks. Testing the water. And very nice water it was too. I read a review of Laura posted recently and the punter didn't like the taste of her pussy. What's wrong with him? - That's all I can say on that. I was standing up now and she was sitting on the bed. I asked her to put a condom on me and she started sucking me off. Good technique. No hands! I moved on the bed to 69 her next which I also enjoyed.

We were now half-way through the punt. Time still slipping away. Conscious that I might get booted out early, as has happened to me recently, with other girls, and wanting to tick-off several different sexual acts from a twisted list in my head, I moved things up a gear to fucking. You'll notice from my description that I was definitely taking the lead on the punt. That's how I wanted it. I expect she would have taken more control if I'd asked her to. With her willing attitude, smiling throughout - I'm sure she'd do whatever It took in order to please me. Sex was good - very passionate kissing with her again and little moaning noises - not overdoing it - just enough to maintain the GFE. We did a few different positions, not too many though. I've been told recently by another girl that I expect too much on a punt so I'm slowing it down a bit. Especially with one I've just met.  Mish, Doggy and Cowgirl. I actually didn't last long with her in Cowgirl. The sight of those huge tits swaying above me whilst I tried to catch them in my mouth to give them the odd suck, like an inverted game of bobbing for apples - but more fun.  I would cum fairly quickly.  And I was kicking myself a bit for this as I'd envisioned how this punt would pan out and finishing in this way wasn't part of my plan. I intended to coat her tits and face (if she'd let me!) and I'd been in training for it for days too - eating celery, taking zinc, drinking lots of water, abstaining from wanking, doing kegel exercises 3 times a day. Think Rocky, but a porno version. Alas it wasn't to be and my jizz hit the condom before being consigned to the bin, wasted. Of course I can't fault her for that. I expect there will be other times with her.

So I only lasted 20 minutes at the most. However I did feel satisfied. That got me thinking that maybe it's not the length of time I can last which dictates my level of satisfaction but rather the quality of those minutes of action I do get. I've been doing it wrong. I spent the next 15 minutes laying down on the bed with my arm around her, having a chat. Yes, I know :)  Most of the time I'll want to leave at this point but she was really nice to talk to - interesting and funny.  Throughout the punt I liked her attitude.  Friendly and not in a rush. Maybe she enjoyed it too.

Summary for those who skip to the end.  Great punt, great service, including good kissing and a GFE.  Lovely girl with amazing tits.  Would recommend. :thumbsup:

31 review(s) found for bustydd_angel2 linked to in above post (30 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

And another positive review, glad you had good time with her  :thumbsup:

Yes, that's true - that part of London is nice, i like Camden/Kentish Town. There is a very nice Irish pub near Kentish Town tube station. I went there for a drink after my meeting with Laura.

Offline The_Don

Summary for those who skip to the end.  Great punt, great service, including good kissing and a GFE.  Lovely girl with amazing tits.  Would recommend. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the review. Good to hear you had a positive punt, with Laura.

Hope you don't mind:

Old profile for linking review > https://www.adultwork.com/2525007 or https://www.adultwork.com/bustydd%5Fangel

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17 review(s) found for bustydd_angel linked to in above post (17 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline LL

No I don't mind. We talked about her old profile. Those cheeky fuckers at AW deleted it without good reason.

Nice one,good to read the new strategy paying dividends  :hi:

Offline SamLP

Thanks for the review. She's been on my HL for ages, in fact her old profile was on my HL before it was deleted. I know she started doing the occasional evening and weekend so will need to try and book her as she sounds like the type of punt I like to go for.

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