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Author Topic: Miss Kelly Rose - Ealing Tour  (Read 2308 times)

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Offline TallnHung

https://www.adultwork.com/1324748 or https://www.adultwork.com/EnglishMissKellyRose

£150 for One Hour.

Kelly's comms are great.  Keeps in touch via text and always answers pretty quick.
She was ill last week so our meet couldn't happen then but she was very apologetic about it so rescheduled for this week.
She said It'd be worth waiting for and she wasn't wrong.

She's tall, about 5ft 10 and was in heels so matched my height almost.  Very sexy girl next door, well dressed and one hell of a body.  Huge boobs, literally huge.  Ive had big but never this big for natural boobs.  The rest of her body is in proportion to her height and bust and to be honest I find that very sexy, she's amazonian.  I also find her good looking facially.  She's not a stunner but she's definitely in the attractive girl next door look category.  I'd fancy her in a pub if I saw her in one.

The Meet.
Met at a hotel near Ealing.  Easy to find, 2 hours parking for only £2.50 and plenty of it.  You could park in the hotel but as I found parking outside I didn't investigate this.  On arrival I called Kelly and she directed me to the room.  No looks from anyone around the place as it seems quite a few come and go on business.

I arrived at the room and Kelly invited me in, we kissed, had a coffee and a chat and she asked if I wanted a massage, which seemed a good way to start so I did.  Her massage was firm and good and before long I was rolled over and got my first look at her curves, my god she's impressive.  She eased her boobs out and sucked each nipple in turn before giving me a go and getting a feel of the weight of them, very very impressive.
For such big boobs when they get released they don't sag at all.  The pics on AW are very honest and they're great.  Before long she was sucking my cock lightly and very effectively.  My cock was as hard as concrete in no time which she seemed to enjoy and continued sucking me for the next 10 or 15 minutes.  Really good action, swapped between stroking,no hands, dribbling on my cock and slapping it against her tits and tongue, very sexy.  She asked if Id move my feet up the bed and I wondered if she was going for prostate which isn't my thing.  Actually what happened was her tits were wrapped around my cock and she was tit-wanking me whilst still sucking and licking.  At this point about 25 minutes in I was ready enough to cum already so I shot a big load between her tits, over her neck and it dribbled down her tits.  Very sexy.

Next was another really good massage before she rolled me over, and offered up some lube to massage into her tits.  She really seems to get off on this and loves her tits being handled which suited me just fine so I rubbed it in until we needed more which I squirted on her tits and my cock.  Another lubed titfuck followed before she bagged me with her mouth and rode my cock.  As some have mentions she cums a lot and my god did she cum.  I wondered who was fucking who at this stage but was happy for her to ride me whilst I kneeded and sucked away at those tits.  Soon I was behind her, fucking hard at her demand and again she came, I reckon a couple times.  By this time we were at the hour and I thought I would be asked to leave soon, oh not the case.  Kelly onto her back and me face fucking her whilst she gave herself a couple more orgasms with her fingers.  Very sexy.  Soon I was tossing myself off over her fce but for some reason and strange for me I couldn't cum again no matter how I tried.  She tried everything hands and knees face fucking, blowjobs, titfucks the lot for the next 15 minutes but it was obvious nothing was going to happen.

So, we showered, chatted for a while and then I suddenly remembered I hadn't paid her yet.  I did that we said bye and I left a very happy man.

Would I go back, damn right I would.  She is more than I'd normally pay, I think £120 and hour is plenty, but to be honest for that service she's worth every penny.  A bit GFE for me but its a GFE with a really dirty and greedy girlfriend so well worth it.

Some have said she's a MILF, I wouldn't say that, doesn't have signs of kids and probably not old enough for some to fit into that category.  For a boobs man though she is unmissable and I'll be back as soon as I have enough free time and Im in the area again.

4 review(s) found for EnglishMissKellyRose linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Great detailed review. Thanks.
£150 is more than I pay but at least she does half hour.

Just thought I'd chime in with this lady. I saw her about 4 years ago on her flat in Vauxhall. It was a great owo session. She got properly sloppy.

The only weird thing was that I had initially booked for an hour but about 20 mins in she gets a knock on the door. She goes to see who it is and whatever she sees properly freaked her out. She even asked me if I was up to something (a bit paranoid but it was a strange situation, maybe she was just thinking out loud, so don't hold it against her). Perhaps a previous client had come back wanting more. Either way she cut our session down to half an hour and finished me off quickly. I tried to book a few times with her since then but she either cancelled last minute or didn't respond.

It's a pity, very curvy body and great head. She's in the memory backs for a wank though. (Yes, I know, I am a classy cat).

To be clear, she only charged me for half an hour.

£150/hr for a supposed 36 year old British size 14+?  Only competitive on a per kilogram basis.

Offline TallnHung

Each to his own JR.
Personally I like em curvy ;)

Offline Riprock

Good descriptive review OP

At that hourly rate i'd be passing up on the coffee/chat and massages, but each to their own etc.

Good descriptive review OP

At that hourly rate i'd be passing up on the coffee/chat and massages, but each to their own etc.

I thought the same. I met her a few weeks back for 30mins and if I didn't have to got back to work, I would have gone for the 1hr.

I've been with the sexy EE girl for less, but Kelly has the sexual heat that can lack in other WGs.. and those boobs and that tit wank I had.. and her blowjob skills are soooo gooood!!

Offline TallnHung

For Tits, Blowjob and her attitude I'd agree and just the fact she comes across as mega horny and up for it. 
Well worth it, if not regularly sadly given the price ;)

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