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Author Topic: Any info on Stella20 - Aberdeen?  (Read 338 times)

Been with her a couple of times, and one was a threesome with her mate who I don't see on the website so she might be working alone.  I saw her a good 2-3 years ago working from the flats across from Snappy pizza on Huntly St.

She is a very good looking girl, very confident, great body, ample tits, shaved too. She does not do anal or CIM, it's all very vanilla but she is ok.

She claims to be Austrian, but her accent could be almost be American, English is no problem for her.

Go see her, you will have no problems as she is a nice girl and very chatty. She starts off with a little dance for you, rubbing herself up against you etc but make sure you only do that for a minute or so, get straight down to business.

She was around £80 for half hour from what I recall, a little expensive but probably worth it for her looks alone.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Offline Abzfun1

Cheers, I gave her a call. Available Sunday..... Sake min.

Will have a think as barely anything else decent around.

I've just read her profile and says give her a call 1 or 2 days in advance. Yeah right , I have to punt when the opportunity arises , like tonight so not for me !!!
However , dire doesn't cover how rank awful the choice is in Aberdeen right now.
Surely it can only get better ?


Offline Abzfun1

Exactly HH, it's same day or at worst next morning if calling in the evening.

Asked if out call availability was the same and she said yes, pity as if I book for Sunday or Monday I'll want something before then.

It's dire and can't get any worse than it is.

When I first started punting in Aberdeen (good few years now) it was decent enough , varied types of girls and most of them gave a decent enough service and a few real memorable girls. There was always a couple or so of back up options if number one choice wasn't available.

It's been gradually going downhill now for a while but it's so bad now even when I have the readies and the opportunity I more often than not don't punt. I engage the brain more now and refuse to part with my hard earned for lack lustre return.
The lack of travel connections and cost of accommodation obviously don't help the situation but it's cascading into punting ghost town at a rate knots nae handy.

Hopefully things will pick up but it's going to be a long winter!


Offline Abzfun1

Aye it's been a while I've been punting too, days of being embarrassed buying a Daily Sport in the shop but there were a few regular flats in Union Grove or Hardgate.

Phoning a number in the paper and having no clue to what she would look like. Would end up less disappointed then than you do with some of the birds pics on AW compared to real life.

LOL , remember them well. In fact the UG property eventually got shut I think but a few of them who worked there were around for a bit after but long gone now. The one in HG there were 4 rotating as I recall , 3 decent one no so and older than the others.

There was a flat near George Street too where Busty Emma ? , a Hungarian MILF and a young English ebony babe worked from and they were all good in different ways.
Had some great times with Indian Reena too but she's purely based in the midlands now.

Sport was a lottery really but had many decent punts and  a few not so good. Much more English girls frequented then though.

Happy days.


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