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Author Topic: sexy.Victoria Edinburgh  (Read 925 times)

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Offline Topkat


Is it really that hard to get a shag in Edinburgh. This was plan E of the day.

Plan A was booked previous day and when I confirmed in the morning text came back sorry cant do today. Plan B was unavailable. Plan C wasn’t answering.

Plan D was Blair Street in hope of seeing Sabrina after reading JazzMans positive but I bottled it.  White van parked outside with 3 guys standing next to it with high viz jackets eating their Greggs lunch making comments to anyone going near. Went for a wander for 30 mins but the cunts were still there when I returned.

Quick search for AW Edinburgh and Victoria was available at short notice, so plan E it was.  I thought briefly about From Russia Wit Love but at £200/hr that’s London rates and will keep that sort of cash for when Im next there. Londons a punting paradise and I was skint after going on an escort bender last November.

£80 for 30 mins but ran well over, not a clock watcher
Age Mid 20’s
Looks Above average Polish brunette, slim and sexy body. She wears a wig in her AW photos.
Services FK, OWO, CIM, Fingering, Enthusiastic shagging.

Id seen this one before whe she went by the name Emmax so knew what I was getting.  Don’t normally do return visits but when needs must and nothing else available!

Ok flat near Haymarket, bedroom clean, shower room tiny. Entrance a bit off putting but she said shes moving soon so that’s a positive.

Like previous visit shes friendly, smiley, chatty & keen to please.

When I returned from the shower she wanted to move to the BJ immediately maybe as Id only booked 30 mins.
I like some FK to get the wee man up and ready for action.
Bit of FK with a couple of fingers in her pussy before an excellent OWO session. She licks your balls, shaft and bell end between taking you all the way in her mouth, just the right amount of spit too.
On with the cover for cowgirl followed by mish. Ended with more OWO to CIM which was readily accepted. Bit of a chat, shower, then on my way, 20 mins over time.

Positives Good attitude, friendly, gives a good time.
Negatives A bit too many ooohs and aaahs, Im not that good...lol

10 review(s) found for Emma x linked to in above post (9 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

I hear ya Topkat. Spent the last two days trying to book a punt in Edinburgh and have loads of no responses and plenty of unavailable at the right time.

I'll probably end up in BSS

Offline Santiago

Thanks for the review Topkat..
Seen this girl two or three times over the last year..agree with your comments..a good fun reliable girl with a good attitude and vgfm.. :hi:

Offline Santiago

Should have said I was intending booking for next week in Edinburgh..unfortunately I think shes on the move again back to the West..

Offline Topkat

She said she was only in the current flat till end of the week, today or tomorrow!
Im pretty sure she was looking to rent next flat in Edinburgh again, I maybe wrong though...

Lovely girl with good attitude as Santiogo said

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