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Author Topic: topless barbers  (Read 1544 times)

Offline jacklord

does any1 remember the topless barbers in paisley about 10 years ago
they also did topless massage  but 1 of the girls was from a flat upstairs and used to cum in and i got the full service from her
unfortunately place was,nt there for long!
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Online Stickynicky69

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Ha I used to walk by trying to get a look in I remember there was a girl that worked in it with the biggest boobs I've ever seen I really did wonder how she could cut hair topless with them resting on your head :D
It got shut down because of the extras shame as my big cousin was really gutted when it shut I now understand why he was so sad :D

Offline HappyCappy

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Offline auldie63

I never have been so well groomed! Got them to cut a hair a day!

Offline jacklord

yea 1st i went for the topless haircut but burd was adament there was no touching but me being a perv i just had to feel
those massive titties of hers!
Went back and got massage wiv xtra,s from a different burd who actually worked from a flat next door!!!
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