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Author Topic: Proper Milf (formerly Saxy Roxy), Yeovil  (Read 1565 times)

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Offline HawkG

Few phrases put me off quite like "MILF", as women who describe themselves as such are rarely the young skinny things I normally go for. But with that part of the West Country being such a desert, and me spending a bit of time there now, I allowed myself to be bolstered by a few past positive comments from others, and I had a booking with https://www.adultwork.com/2969207 or https://www.adultwork.com/Proper+Milf

And it went very well.

Comms: Average. Email only, and (fair enough) clearly has better things to do than be sat with a computer or iPad all day, so responses were sometimes slow. But anyway, booking made without too much trouble.

Booking: 30 mins, outcall, 90 GBP. More than I normally spend, but it's not a buyer's market around there. She turned up on time, and dressed as per request. Both of which are surprisingly rare, especially the latter!

First impressions: The photos on AW seem recent and pretty fairly representative. She's not a waif, but she is pretty IMO. Age stated on AW (41) sounds about right.

The action: Maybe I haven't sounded massively positive so far, because I wrote the above keeping in mind the preconceptions I had before she turned up. But in reality, this was a great punt.  Passionate kisser, friendly and chatty without being OTT, did what asked, took a good hard spank (and blimey, that arse felt good to spank), and gave it back when asked.  Did all the DFK/OWO/RO as expected, never ever seemed rushed, seemed keen to make sure I enjoyed it, and seemed keen to want to enjoy it herself.  This was my best punt for a while, and I'll definitely book her again. Recommended.


2 review(s) found for Proper Milf linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline HawkG

Looks like her account has been hacked, it's now hosting someone who's clearly Romanian - but by nicking someone else's login gets to looks like a verified British girl.

It's a shame, I saw the real "Roxy" last week again and she's fucking lovely.

Offline HawkG

As I just explained in another thread, there was a phishing attack against AW which seems to have caught a lot of people out. Two of my regulars have had their profiles stolen, and presumably lost PG credits as a result.

AW gave a brief warning, but I daresay will do fuck-all else about it.

Offline HawkG

Looks like she's managed to get control of the profile back. 

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