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Author Topic: cute emma  (Read 743 times)

Hi folks, this lady sent me a flirt on AW tonight and from there followed a brisk exchange of multiple emails with an offer of a meet at below her listed rates, clearly she must be suffering from  the old dusty phone syndrome  :D

 https://www.adultwork.com/3299503 or https://www.adultwork.com/cuteemma92

Any thoughts both on the lady and if you think her contacting me first is in any way dodgy, I did ensure I got onto free cam to check her out which she willingly obliged and looked better than her photos.

Offline Tallboy2

Looks fucking hot and I especially like her cute face. Overpriced by 40 QUID at least. How much can I get her for?

Offline cassini

At £180 per hour is there any wonder her phone is dusty?

Where do they get their pricing structures from?

said 120 for hour, I only ever do 30 mins so she said 70. Based near the airport apparently. At those prices you would be expecting fashion mag cover model figure and looks not a pretty girl next door type. I have a different aw name so this wont be traced back.

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