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Author Topic: Tiffany Scorpio sauna Edinburgh  (Read 1034 times)

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Noticed this lady  on a couple of previous visits, was nt immediately struck by her, but as is often the case you change your mind, she admits in the lounge to being 52, so I assume she is at least that, that suits me fine. Pleasant face, and figure, tanned, Scottish, sort of brides mother look, the type who humps the best man, in the toilets. In the room she snogs, and offered to put a vibrator up my bottom, an offer I accepted. She is good at the sex stuff.She has a bit of metal in her genitals, don't know why the girls do this. Only prob, is the typical scorpio practice of ending the encounter after you have had your squirt, so you are always out of the room a bit early, I like chatting to the girl and hearing their back story. Also on shift were a couple of fine looking matures, Kate and gemma. I will be back.

Offline JazzMan

52 and tanned.
Are you sure it's not Cirrhosis of the Liver?
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Haven't been to Scorpio in ages.  Are they all matures? Is it like WG sheltered housing in there these days?

Tanya a thai is a bit younger, also Bella, but she has crap reviews.

Cheers Willie. Are the brothers still hanging around like a bad smell?

Cheers Willie. Are the brothers still hanging around like a bad smell?

The great man himself was there, full of wisdom as ever, might start hanging about in the lounge, see it as an education.

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