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Author Topic: Gemzisace. Any Intel?  (Read 412 times)

Offline Oggers99

Hi all.
This girl caught my eye.
https://www.adultwork.com/3024228 or https://www.adultwork.com/Gemzisace
Short blonde hair 30ish, just my bag at the minute.
I'm aware she's got negligable feedback on aw and apart from featuring in 1 guy's toftt list for 2016, no mentions on here either.

I known there are scammers in lboro, and I don't want to let the trouser brain pull the wool over my eyes so words of advice/opinions/alarm bells would be greatly received.


Offline badsin

The profile is part of a group..... with girls scattered across the uk. I don't understand how that works myself?. But other members of the group have 0 feedback - I would be dubious regards this profile :hi:

Offline surfman

I have previously sent her a couple of messages on AW and not had any replies to queries or bookings.

Offline splodger69

+1 same

I have previously sent her a couple of messages on AW and not had any replies to queries or bookings.

Offline Weyoun

Same as Splodger and Surfman I have tried to email/book via AW and had no reply. According to her working calendar her times are quite limited. I notice she logs in frequently. I think possibly she just has a profile for the private gallery and not too interested in taking any bookings.

Offline Oggers99

Thanks guys. You have summed up my concerns there. I hadn't noticed the group thing before though. That seems really odd.

A twist in the tale is that she has emailed this morning to say she's interested.

Now I'm even more torn. Perhaps I should seek vote's - all those who think it'd be worth the risk say 'aye'


Offline Steely Dan

Standing order 2.45 of the UKP EM Chapter rule book states:

All members shall TOFFT and review at least once per annum. Just to be clear, a TOFFT target may have feedback on AW, but have zero reviews, including no detailed service comments, on UKP. Comments like, "has any one done this one" or "wouldn't mind a bit of that" therefore do not count.

So line up your TOFFT for 2016, and share with UKP EM .

Offline Oggers99

I realise I never got around to completing this thread.

After a couple of emails and me saying yes let's go ahead here's my number I didn't hear from her again.
Put her down as a timewaster. Case closed. I'll review the person I saw instead in a bit

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