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Author Topic: Melissa Cole  (Read 1530 times)

Anybody seen this WG and able to give me some feedback ?

Thanks daveef for that , but I'd like to know if anyone has seen her before pos. travelling to D.

Offline cherub

Cheers cherub,based on that I think I'll give her a miss .

I have seen her physically she's very attractive she doesn't work out of her own place. She uses a house with another escort but are never there at the same time one uses a hotel the other uses the house etc.

She gives a good owo and receives oral but doesn't allow fingers inside because of her cleanliness

Offline steveinbox

Would you be prepared to share any more info.  Is her likes list spot on as far as you know, as she does seem to list a lot of services?

From my experience she does what she says on her likes list. I saw her when she was fairly new and kept changing what her offers were every day. She had a basic rate of 100 but if you wanted either gfe or pse it was an added 20 and then if think a further 30 of you wanted anal. She expresses extra things on her profile that you can do such as car meets but personally I don't think she would at a first meet.

It felt like she was kind of rushing and I didn't feel 100% comfortable during our time she expressed that when people cum for the first time they get flustered and leave early before even the mid way of the booking, whilst she's saying that I'm thinking I can see why. It doesn't feel like conversation comes quickly too her it's like once your done it's an awkward type of silence and when trying to initiate a conversation it's one word answers and short replies

I've not been back a don't particularly intend to. I wasn't dissatisfied but I wasn't overwhelmed and want to go back time and time again

Hope this helps

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