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https://www.adultwork.com/1993297 or https://www.adultwork.com/%7E+x+MANDY+x+%7E+ -

I was alerted to Mandy by a fellow UKP member some months ago and since she joined UKE I have followed her media photos with increasing interest. After she announced on AW that she was going to shortly undergo some cosmetic surgery and would be out of action for a few weeks I thought it was high time that I got myself over to Leicester to satisfy my curiosity and see if she was as pretty as she appeared to be from the teasing pictures she was posting with either partial or blurred face shots.

I booked an hour's GFE with Mandy for £130 and following easy comms by PM and text I made my way to her comfortable apartment with en suite shower to the south of Leicester city centre, about 10 mins drive from the M1 J21. Parking in this residential area was easy and when I arrived she replied to my text that she would be a little late, but after five minutes I got the come up command; the lateness was mostly my fault as I had asked if she could see me slightly earlier than her normal working hours.

She shares the flat with a couple of other girls with whom she offers threesomes and foursomes, and although she seems to allow plenty of time between bookings, the bedroom seems to be quite busy as one of her working partners was wanting to use it as soon as we finished, although to be fair on Mandy she didn't rush me, and in fact forgot to look at the clock herself until we had finished and realised that she might not be too popular with her friend.

When I saw Mandy I knew that I had not been misled by her pictures, she was stunningly pretty. Sometimes with blurred or partial face shots you fill in the gaps perhaps a little over optimistically, but in Mandy's case I had obviously not been generous enough with my imagination and I don't think anyone could complain that they had been fooled or deceived with her photos. She had obviously taken time to do her hair and make up as she was impeccably presented and was fresh and clean. She gives her age as 21, and I have no reason to doubt that this isn't correct.

She greeted me in heels, lingerie and a negligee top looking fantastic and exactly like the girl in the pictures. Mandy does point out on her profile that she has an abdominal scar, but to tell you the truth I suspect the person most bothered by this is Mandy herself as this is the area which is going to be fixed by her forthcoming surgery. She's obviously quite excited by the prospect of her new tummy and told me in great detail during the course of the booking exactly what was going to happen. She also has some slight scarring on her breasts following a boob-lift, but her nipples were certainly still responsive and quick to harden. It sounds from this as though her body is full of imperfections, which is far from the case as it is very tidy and she seems to be quite keen on working out to keep it in shape.

After I had a quick freshen up in the shower Mandy was as keen as me to get down to business and we wasted no time in getting to grips with each other. She was quick to cotton on that I was after a slow sensual meeting and I'm guessing from her profile that Mandy is nothing but adaptable, and given how she picked up my signals so quickly I shouldn't think that she has any problem in going from this to the full PSE with anal, fisting, watersports etc. (she charges a higher rate for this though of £200) in adjacent meets.

I think that Mandy is quite used to taking control of the meetings, but when she saw that I also liked to take charge she was quite happy to go along with my script. So after I had stripped off her lingerie, accompanied by a mixture of deeper and lighter FK I led her to the bed and she removed her heels. I had warned her that I was quite tall, so I don't know if she had put her highest heels on, but they did seem to take her pretty close to 6ft; not a problem for me, but if it bothers you perhaps bear it in mind when making pre-booking requests.

Mandy was very repsonsive to both fingering and RO and seemed to get quite wet. Her OWO was nice and varied with some quite deep stuff mixed in with shallower oral concentrating on the glans, all accompanied by a bit of dirty spitting and hand action whilst looking me in the eye. In fact Mandy maintained eye contact through most of the meet and one couldn't but notice their deep green colour.

I suggested the condom and Mandy eased herself on top of me saying that she didn't think she needed any lube, and indeed she was still very moist from earlier. It felt fantastic, but again she read that I wanted to be in control so suggested that I go on top and a long session of missionary ensued which Mandy seemed to enjoy almost as much as me. She didn't hold back in telling me that I was hitting the right spot and frequently adjusted her legs so that I could get maximum penetration. There was just time for a quick tidy up when Mandy eventually noticed the time on the clock before I took my leave.

In summary then: stunningly pretty twenty-one year old beauty with a very tidy sexy body impeccably presented (and in eight weeks time I think she will be satisfied with it too). She seems to enjoy what she does, but is very responsive to your needs and is enthusiastic and generous ensuring that you have a great time. Will definitely return when Mandy returns from her extended break.
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77 review(s) found for MandyFoxxx linked to in above post (71 positive, 5 neutral, 1 negative)

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Nice review matey
Glad you enjoyed your experience with Mandy :thumbsup:


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