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Author Topic: AdultWork e-mails  (Read 360 times)

Offline Mi-Go

I have tried repeatedly this evening to send various AW e-mails to different girls.  Every time I do, I get a pop up message saying "You are not logged in".

I am logged in, as I am looking at my HL.  I have tried logging out and back in again, and still no luck.

I have also tried doing a search whilst not logged in and then sending an e-mail.  This of course takes you to the log in screen, where I successfully log in, and then get an instant message saying "you are not logged in".  I know I have logged in, as I can then view my HL.

Anyone else had this trouble?

Offline Midlane

Have you tried clearing your cookies and starting again?

I've logged in and read emails without any issue.


Offline Mansell

All fine for me at the moment.

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