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Author Topic: Stickynicky69 - Paisley MMF  (Read 1490 times)

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Offline DG


Got chatting to another guy who had also seen Nicky a few times and before we knew it an MMF had been conceived.

1 hour £100 each

Meet took place at Nicky's spacious top floor flat in Paisley town centre. P and D car park across the street, 70p an hour.

As I hadn't met the other guy before hand we exchanged several emails to discuss how we wanted the meet to go, bearing in mind Nicky is a sub. We had agreed that we would both arrive at the same time to find Nicky already naked entertaining herself. When we walked in she was lying on the floor using a wand on herself wearing nothing but a collar and killer heels. See my other reviews for how Nicky looks but always worth a mention are her fairly large but firm boobs and incredibly long nipples.

Now it would be impossible to recount exactly what happened and in what order, but knowing Nicky as we both do, we knew she was up for just about anything.

Not sure how long the meet lasted but time was not an issue. Nicky is very accommodating in every sense of the word and took a pounding in spit roast several times. Her deep throat is unparalleled in my experience; each time I forced my cock down her throat, and I mean right down, I would hold it there for several seconds as she gagged and spluttered; the watering eyes and streaming mascara is a sight to behold. After a short breather it was back in for more of the same. All the while the other guy is pounding her, but insisting she control her orgasm, only cumming when instructed to do so. Lost count of how many times this happened, but when Nicky cums, she is extremely wet.

Tables were turned to gives us a shot at both ends, with my preference being fucking her hard to orgasm each time. When she cums you really feel her contract around your cock before gushing.

I know Nicky has done anal but alas, on this occasion she was unable to take me again, but it wasn't for the lack of trying on her part. During one bout of spit roast, with me up front, Nicky pleaded for one of us to hit her, so I obliged by slapping her tits and tugging at her nipples; her threshold is really quite remarkable.

Whereas the other guy is a multiple popper, I had decided I was only going for one this time, so I had Nicky to myself for a while, intensely face fucking her and using the chain lead on her collar to choke her. I know she is developing breath control so was happy to embark on this; it's far more exhilarating than you might think but does take an extreme amount of trust between both parties, so not for the inexperienced or feint hearted. To finish I had Nicky kneel in front of me and take my load over her face and in her mouth. As I was cumming she started to take my cock in her mouth and lick it all up.

Nicky is a bit of a niche escort and if it's a GFE you're looking for then she's probably not for you. But if you want to explore the kinkier and Dom side of things, she is an excellent way to start, but can also cater for the most experienced Dom/BDSM exponents.

Had a shower and a cup of tea and a chat before leaving.

For pure filth, kink and drool, Nicky is probably the best out there and certainly can't be beaten for value. Definite 10/10  :yahoo:
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11 review(s) found for Good_Girl69 linked to in above post (11 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for great review although a bit far for me she is clear top of my hit list .Finding a suitable time is also an issue as she only works 10 till 3 I guess she has kids

Offline JazzMan

The things that go on behind the net curtains in Paisley.
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Offline GBush

I'm from London.  I've chatted to Nicky.  I will find a way.
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Great review DG, she sounds hot hot hot :thumbsup:


I had the pleasure of seeing Nicky earlier today - this was my first punt for several years and I spent a long time deliberating over who to go and see.  I'm glad to say that I made an extremely good choice.

I wouldn't agree with the comment above about her being a bit of a niche escort though. This was a vanilla punt in comparison to what is described above, and certainly much closer to GFE than any sub/dom stuff.  Nevertheless, Nicky was absolutely fantastic and at the beginning of the punt she let me know that I could be as adventurous as I liked. That's something I will definitely be exploring next time.

All in all, I am very glad to have discovered Nicky and hope to see her many times again in future.

Offline keepitup

I'm effectively posting another review to this thread; I'm the other punter involved in the MMF threesome. DG got his review in first (by a long shot) but I figure the booking involved two punters, so here goes with my comments.

DG, Nicky and I chatted before our meeting to make the arrangements and cover one or two things we might like to do. For anyone contemplating a similar booking, I'd recommend similar pre-punt communications: it served to ensure that things went smoothly and got all three of us excited about the day :-).

As DG mentioned, Nicky is sub and we decided that she should meet us naked with her collar on and displaying herself to the best of her ability. What a sight when we entered the door! Nicky was lying on her back with her legs spread wide, giving us a good view of her shaved pussy which was already getting some attention from her wand.

As we had discussed beforehand, DG and I inspected Nicky: taking in the body of our naked sub; making sure that her nipples were properly responsive; and testing that she was properly wet and ready for use.

Inspection passed and enjoyed, we moved on to the bedroom, where DG has already given a good description of much of the fucking, sucking, gagging, deep-throating, spit-roasting activity. Nicky was in her element, eagerly accommodating our needs.

I'll concur with a few things from DG's review:

Nicky's deep throat really is good: both of us had bouts where she took us all the way down her throat, holding the cock there until she gagged, causing her throat to convulse and constrict around the cock head. A marvellous feeling.

When Nicky cums her pussy contracts hard around your cock, making you really feel that orgasm.

The highlight for me had to be fucking Nicky with her head hanging backwards off the edge of the bed, sucking DG deep into her throat and getting close to orgasm. Then: "Oh fuck! Somebody hit me!" DG was able to oblige by slapping her tits, causing her to go over the edge and cum.

Now time for my review to diverge from DG's: as he mentioned I happen to be a multiple popper. I'd also driven over from the East coast, so I decided to pay for an extra hour and stay on for some one to one time. With Nicky, rather that DG. Well - it was her place after all.

My second hour was mostly spent indulging in orgasm control with Nicky. She would normally cum quickly and with great strength and it was immensely satisfying to have my cock inside her and watch as she fought and struggled to hold back whilst being stimulated. She found it especially difficult to hold back when I used her wand, the highlight probably being fucking her in doggy with the wand on her clit and forcing her to watch her own 'cum face'.

I left feeling both drained and satisfied and still had a silly smile by the time I got back to Edinburgh.

Great review, has my interest raised in this girl

Offline pictisunum

Two great reports. Rough and dominant is some of my favourite type of play and Nicky is definitely on my Scottish HL on one of my trips back home.
I also think it hilarious that two of Scotland's best subs actually live ithe masochistic dream in places like Paisley and Wishaw.

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