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Author Topic: Just Jezebel, Haverhill  (Read 592 times)

Offline bodieA2


She's been on my HL for a while but Haverhill such a rubbish place to get to never got round to it. For couple of months now though her profile is webcamming only. Anyone know any more at all?

Offline cunnyhunt

It is not an active escort profile but set for "erotic content only"

She has not logged in for 2 months and the FAQ says everything you need to know anyway.

Q. DO YOU OFFER ESCORT BOOKINGS??    A. No, not any more I'm afraid. Webcam only from now on. Sorry xx

Offline socks

Saw her before I became a member here so haven't reviewed but I'd have given her a positive. Location a bit off putting as she lived in a shared house but she delivered services promised, went along with all my requests and kept smiling, happy and bubbly throughout. I really liked her and would go again. IIRC she had a partner doing time. I suspect he's out now, so she's not playing any more. Perhaps he's a bit of a bruiser...?

Offline Corsaire

I concur with everything Socks says, and wonder why you are considering her if she no longer does services.

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