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Author Topic: The house on pursers farm in spencers wood  (Read 859 times)

Offline tim99uk

I used to visit this place every few weeks in the late 2000's then moved away for a few years..

Are they still operational?

Afraid to knock on the door in case its not!!

Offline Pinwheel

Closed down some years ago ,used to be a good place ,shame she packed up ,I think she moved back up north .
Banning reason: White knight

Offline daverfc

I went there a few times back in the early 2000's.  Saw a cracking EE girl with one of the finest asses I have ever seen. She was only 19 too.  :drinks:

Yes it closed down years ago.  Had a notice in the window for quite a while probably saying punters clear off, I only saw it from the main road.  Pity Sarah left the business as she was good and had some other good girls there with her.  When I last saw her said she was going to start up in Wokingham or somewhere but it never happened and no-one seemed to know where she went.

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