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Author Topic: lexi ryder  (Read 1471 times)

Fuck mike save your £180 saw her 5 yrs ago hackett worn oot old hoor back then

each to their own sir ! each to their own !

that is a fair sized jaw no doubt  :lol: and if shes charging an extra score for a facial when i see her it will be full bags worth all over her coupon! :dance:

Offline bigmike32

Yeah i might save my money but i can say i banged pimp mummy lol. March is a long time away better punts might come up.

Not my type.  She looks as if she would boot ya in the baws, if you said the wrong thing  :sarcastic:

Offline bigmike32

Lol she could bench press a truck no doubt but ive tugged over her films a few times. I would punt her but i am looking for stunning girls to punt aswell.

Offline Firebird

I've seen her before and she looked hot as fuck. Feel free to read my review

Offline bigmike32

I read your review man very detailed and sounds like she can suck a cock also sounds like she genuinely enjoys what she can do i will defo consider seeing her in feb.

Offline bigmike32

I fired off an email to lexi asking to book when she comes in feb hopefully she replies.

Offline Shagger69

Shit! I'm getting my Lexi's muddled up. I thought it was sexy, slutty,Geordie minx Lexi Ward
Banning reason: Bombarding Admin with reports, complaining about Admin sleeping and not responding

Offline bigmike32

Theres so many lexis and ryders eh lol if lexi ward was touring then defo i prefer brunnetes but no idea if ward takes cock for cash though.

Offline bigmike32

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