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Author Topic: Sarah - Sheffield  (Read 2372 times)

3 review(s) for sarah full pleasure (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Ade65


Went to see her this aftern0on; easy to find, good communications, and is the girl in the pictures on AW.

Limited English, but still managed to communicate well, and was a very bubbly personality.

Once in the room, straight on to kissing and cuddling, then OW (didn't offer owo, but I didn't ask either - I suspect her profile is written by someone else!) and sex. Very enthusiastic girl, made sure I enjoyed myself.

Afterwards got quite a lengthy massage - no rush; massage was probably better as a massage than as anything erotic, but she was definitely in to providing a good service and hoping she would be treated as a nice girl too.

No PSE available I reckon, but a nice young woman and I'll be going back next Monday ro see her :)

I suspect she may have had some bad experiences as she asked me if I would be a gentleman with her. However, she also liked my blue eyes and asked me if I would give them to her, which was a bit disconcerting :)

Definitley back to see her.

3 review(s) found for sarah full pleasure linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline HughJardon

Thanks for the review, shes popped up in my area and I am tempted to try her.
Was it the girl in the photos and are they a good representation of her ?

Offline Perrier

Bugger - I'm in Sheffield at the weekend & she was on the hit list - let's hope she doesn't stay in Cardiff long  :)

Offline Ade65

It is the girl in the pics, though she looks a bit thinner in real life.

I'm going to call her - she said she was staying and I hoped to see her again!

Offline Ade65

Bugger - I'm in Sheffield at the weekend & she was on the hit list - let's hope she doesn't stay in Cardiff long  :)

Hope she comes back - she was really nice; sent her text asking her to come back :)

Offline wonderboy

Does she work from a parlour or private flat?
Banning reason: Repeatedly touting banned sites

Offline Ade65

She was in a private flat; hope she comes back, would love to see her again.

Offline Ade65

Hmm, was in Sheffield at the start of the week, then in Cardiff, and today in Cheltenham.

Anyone know if that likely means she is just someone who moves around a lot, or someone who is being moved around by someone else?

Offline cherub

Looks likes she's back in Sheffield now.

Offline bluefinger

the problem with Romanian girls is they move around a lot and like to be a new face in different towns. They normally work for a "agency" we call it pimps. They have to pay a large percentage of their earning but say that's for their safety. I don't think no pimp is going to come running to protect them if they ever needed to but each to their own.

She's definately back in Sheffield, I've got a booking with her tomorrow morning.

Offline Ade65

Good, I hope to see her again then :)

I had a text from her saying she's not at the same place in Sheffield though - need to check where she is this time!

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