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Author Topic: Lovely_Miss_Louise of Plymouth  (Read 461 times)

6 review(s) for Lovely_Miss_Louise (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline jenner

I've been meaning to visit Louise for some time now and finding myself in the area with a bit of time on my hands I decided to take the plunge, notwithstanding the addiction issue.
Comms were good but she wanted half an hour to get ready which was OK by me so parked up and after 20 minutes got a text to say she was ready and gave me the flat number.
Fairly modern apartment block but odour of curry permeating the communal areas. Made me wonder if it was social housing, not that it would have been an issue.
Louise let me in. She was wearing a semi transparent red dress showing a red twinset under. Average looks I thought.
She ordered me a shower but as I'd booked half an hour I declined. She was making herself some coffee and so I accepted a cup and set with her in the kitchen/living area while she rolled and smoked a cigarette.
Time wasting possibly. Then we went into the tiny bedroom with just enough room for a single bed where she left me to take my own put off while she slipped out of her dress. Slim body but the twinset had certainly seen better days.
She offered a message but I wanted to see these scars so managed to get her too off without breaking the frayed clip and pushed her into the bed to relieve her of her knickers. Elastic a bit past it's elastic best. She didn't seem to mind my pulling her legs apart and examining her. I said I was pretending to be a Doctor!
The marks were quite evident but as a pretend Doctor I couldn't make a judgement as to what had caused them.
I lay on my front for the promised message and all of a sudden Louise seemed to come to life. It was good. Feeling her hot pussy on my back and her feeling around my arse and balls and getting me to lift my arse up and her tongue right up my arse. Slight exageration but she was certainly putting some effort into it.
Then getting my cock and giving me such a tromboning. On a par with lilmadammilf I would say.
I wanted to dump my load in her mouth so turned onto my back and Louise sucked my cock right down her throat while sticking a finger up my arse. Just right it was and I filled her mouth. She must have swallowed it as I was pumping so no snowballing.
She offered the shower but I declined and I left a few minutes over the half hour.
At £60 I reckon it is pretty good VFM. Can't really comment about any drugs. As I shall certainly return I give Louise a Positive

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Offline jenner

Just read my review. Should have done so before posting to check for typos. Apologies.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (JasonP, jenner)

Offline HawkG

Should also have provided a link :)

6 review(s) found for Lovely_Miss_Louise linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Andyply

Good post, very much the same for me, average looks, although a very enthusiastic service with enjoyable owo & Cim which is rare.  She clearly enjoyed herself  lots of yummy sounds and was both smart and chatty (in a good way  :) ) and very approachable. She liked taking about her services, how she likes doing em' what guys like, liked my clearly enjoyable response to owo and ice play.  I didn't take much notice regarding the decor so I left happy and s good review.  Still not sure what to make of her after reading recent ukp  posts? For £100 she gets the job done more sincerely than some.   :unknown:

Offline jenner

Thanks Andy. I try to keep to the facts but having read about the addiction I couldn't help but wonder what she was spending her money on; certainly not the outfit she chose to wear for me. Can't help comparing it to those supersede strappy costumes worn by jaycee.
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Offline Andyply

Can't help comparing it to those supersede strappy costumes worn by jaycee.
:D Good times  :)  apart from jbjolie nothing really catches the eye, surely another hot escort could clean up in Plymouth as jbjolie is doing  :unknown:

Offline JasonP

Jbolie looks good to me. Looked at her profile but most meets seem to be in the evening when I'm not at my best. Will see if I can get a daytime meet though.
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Offline Andyply

 :D she told me her libido is best after 6pm  :D

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