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Author Topic: Carry on Hollie  (Read 3245 times)

Offline Midlane

May I ask if anyone has seen this one?  https://www.adultwork.com/3165784

Specifically has anyone been able to make head or tail of the prose and is it worth navigating to see her?


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Online Redevil86

If you scroll down the the tread named , 2016 hot list, Hollie is discussed at length .

Offline Midlane

Got it - thanks. It looks rather like the reality is a little more straightforward than the waffle.

Online Redevil86

No problem , as you'll read, had my eye on her for a year ( together with  others ) but always put off by the perceived effort needed, but as I'm doing less punts this year , I think I'll put the effort in. You never know .

Offline Midlane

It is completely the other end of the country for me, and I'd only be going to see her because, as others have said, she IS intriguing.

But I'm bloody well not travelling miles and paying £300 for a 3 hour meal and a massage.

This is me doing research properly first... So thanks very much for the pointers.

Offline mashit1

I've sent her 2 emails , she is mad , she wants me to write her an essay before we meet ? And by the way she doesn't like bookings they sound seedy , it's a mutual coming together  :scare:

I replied to her emails about a year or so back, the had a 30 minute conversation with her.

I didn't go through with the meet though, she seemed far too flaky.

Online Redevil86

So are we saying, it's far easier to ( e.g. ) text a favourite and 3 hours later be driving home having had hours worth of no hassel porn !

Offline Midlane

So are we saying, it's far easier to ( e.g. ) text a favourite and 3 hours later be driving home having had hours worth of no hassel porn !

Absolutely, and I'm grateful for it. Problem is, the way the small brain works, I'm still intrigued.

Online Redevil86

I always have been , but the above opption always seems to win over but that can get a bit predictable , so the challenge Hollie presents is always tempting , and you can always visit your regular while your waiting for Hollie to check your essay !

She was on here a while ago. The username wasn't very imaginative and the writing style was easily identified.

You may be able to find out more on here by searching under her original AW profile number: 1720120

Online Redevil86

that was interesting, she talks about visiting her self and left a review, not on her self  by the way , was she touting there ? Cheers for that link, very interesting, she is a complex person, that's one way of discribing her I suppose .

Offline mr big

for me she makes things hard work from the beginning we are here to get decent punts not to have the run around eg wants basically essays on email fucking joker imo

It's her fucking face.. it looks fake.. she must have the same photo that she cut and pastes that face onto.. body looks good given her advertised age but I remember someone reviewing her and saying she was 10 years older.. very limited service not even sure she lets you get on top. . I think you just lie there in her multi coloured apartment.

Offline dumbo25

I have had the pleasure of meeting Hollie about 2yrs ago! She had a flat near the prison.

Arranging the meeting wasn't that much of a hassle, emails were exchanged for a few days, so no last minute meets are possible with her.

Her pics are accurate, her body was fit with fake boobs. Face, she is probably mid 40s, so not that bad.

She has a massage table that she uses, starts off with nice "rub", while  she is naked. Also had this pink dildo that she encourages you to use on her.

A one off visit she is worth it.

Offline Gigiddy

As I have posted in the other thread

 I have seen Hollie several times.

I have had no problems arranging a massage though, she does like to vet people and really who can blame her as it seems more of a hobby and mutual release , then just your normal massage service.

If you like the finer things in life and are looking for something different than a normal "punt" she is worth approaching.

She is a very bright lady who, loves intelligent repartee and mental and physical sexual release.

She is the other side of 40 but, her body would shame most 21yr olds,

 I can believe she was a gymnast, she is very supple. She is at the gym frequently during the week and she is toned to perfection .

It all depends what you are looking for out there

I get on with her extremely well and we have a great connection.
Banning reason: Frivolous reporting

Saw her twice a couple of year's ago,it's not difficult to get past the introduction e mail and brief chat, she's very pleasant and in good nick for someone who won't see 45 again. Problem is she's just not dirty enough, bigger me she wouldn't even let me go down on her ! 😫😩😦

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