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Author Topic: Wow at St P's 2  (Read 859 times)

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Offline Corus Boy

Just back from St P’s 2.

Looks like they have scored a treble, Coco, Angie and now WOW.

New girl to Cardiff, Wow might be her name or Wa, maybe here for two weeks but she’s not sure.

Probably late 20’s, pretty enough, size 10 to 12 but not fat, large tits and not shy or backward.

Greeted with a nice smile, a hug and a kiss.

A bit more kissing and then money paid, usual rates and £10 extra for OWO.

More kissing but not DFK, while undressing.  She then turned her back to me so I could kiss her neck and back while playing with her tits.  She amused herself playing with my cock.

Moved onto the bed for more kissing and fondling, pussy touching initially allowed but no fingers inside.

Change of position and OWO commenced and went on and on.

I had noticed that she had already ‘lubed’ up, so no RO from me, OWO continued while I played with her pussy, tits and nipples, all of which she seemed happy with.

I suggested that we better fuck soon and I had to stop the oral or I would have been finding out about her views on CIM.

Condom applied she used some more lube and then she slowly climbed on top.

I now know why so much lube, she was pretty tight and I did not last long.

After I came Wow cleaned me up and offered me a massage.  When I said yes she asked if oil was OK.  The rest of my 30 minutes was spent lying there and being gently massaged.

« Last Edit: January 11, 2016, 02:23:23 PM by Corus Boy »

Well, this place is fast becoming a favourite!  Olivia is back soon  :rolleyes: so that will be me sorted, but this place is now well on the reserve list (along with others like Polish Nikki etc).

Sounds like you had a good time then CB, good stuff!  :drinks:

Just as an aside, when I saw Angie last night, the doorman flushed the bog.  Angie reckons he goes to have a wank, otherwise he has bladder problems she reckoned!  :sarcastic:
« Last Edit: January 11, 2016, 05:49:16 PM by iverthickone »

Offline Corus Boy

PMSL.  I can imagine Angie saying that  :D

Just seen Wow.

Good time had, prefer Angie still, but no Probs at all in giving Wow the big thumbs up!  :)

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