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Author Topic: Pilau Penang Malaysia  (Read 564 times)

Girl. Malay from Sabah age maybe late 30's early 40's looked around 25yr old
Place. Hock Aun Hotel
Time :- 20 mins
Cost :- £7.78
Location. Hock Aun Hotel
72 Jalan Dato Keramat. Georgetown, Pilau Penang

Description as above, about 5' 1" tall slim and a small 32b cup short black hair, trimmed pussy
Ok my first time here after being introduced to the place by another punting traveller.
The place has about 17 females working about 7 days a week 9.00am till 5.00pm. The one I chose looked like the youngest the others either will not see 45 again or were on the plumpish side.
Agreed a price at 50MRYR £7.78 for a BBBJ & covered sex. Started off by getting the hard earned cash sorted followed by us both stripping and shower together were she paid lots of attention to my cock & ball bag. Dried then onto the bed for some quite nice but not the best BBBJ, no touching her pussy or kissing her big brown nipples. As time was not on my side, you usually only get 15 mins per session she was on with the rubber, lubed up, legs akimbo & prepared for entry.
Now Asian girls are noted for their small slits & this girl was no different hence the plenty of lube, unfortunately they always use too much so I slide in easily. I tried to get her to put legs on my shoulders but she said that it hurt her, nothing to do with the 8" piece of prime beef being rammed up her. Filled the rubber but stayed inside her until I was soft, withdrew washed and out.

Looks :- 8
Service :- 7.5
See Again :- Yes well worth the £7.78 a pop

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Girl. Sari, Indonesian, 44yr old size 10 with saggy sucked dry tits
Place. Chulia Street
Time :- 15 mins
Cost :- £12.50
Location. Georgetown. Pilau Penang

I have been seeing Sari sine my visit to Penang some 4 or 5 yrs ago. At first she was a very bedroom action packed girl who loved my thumb up her ass while I tongued her and she sucked my cock with vigour till she gagged.
Now after several more years down the line selling her snatch she has lost interest. I keep threatening to fcuk her ass but she not let me.

Met her where I have my evening meal and proceeded to a shabby rented walk-up room with only a single bed. Both stripped of then she went to wash her gash returning a few moments later. She lead on the bed while I stood by the side & she gave me a half hearted BBBJ while I fingered her gash, at this point I could tell it was not going to be a mind blowing session so on with the rubber, got her legs over my shoulders & ploughed in. Sari is still very tight with a very small gash (see Photo) plus she was not lubed up so she whinged a bit as all Asians do when English guys fcuk them (asian guys only have small cocks) that I was hurting her, who gives a fcuk I just wanted to bury my cock to the hilt in her gash. Her gash finally admitted defeat & I pumped a weeks worth of man fat into the rubber. Cleaned up, paid her the arranged 80MYR £12.50.

Looks  :- 6  seen better days
Service  :-  6.5
See Again :- I doubt it considering I can now get at £7.78

Sorry I don't seem able to add photo's on this site, any idea's ?


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