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Author Topic: Where have all the Escorts on AdultWork disappeared to ?  (Read 970 times)

Offline Dakota


Are there less WG's in Scotland than there used to be or are they using different sites ?

I was doing some random searching on AW and noted that the number of Escorts tagged to Scotland was down to 988.  To my surprise, when I excluded Romanian girls, there are only 338 non Romanian profiles across the whole of Scotland.   That seems very low when there will still be a pile of other EE countries and more than a few old and inactive profiles to work around.  It also means that almost 2/3 of all WG's in Scotland on AW are Romanian

Your thoughts ?


Offline HappyCappy

Sounds about right.

The Romanian girls have completely screwed the market. Pun intended.

I had hoped they'd drive down prices but it seems more like they've crushed competition.
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Offline RandyF

Nothing new, been happening slowly but surely for the past few 2/3 years.

Where do they go?  Well not now to AW, that's clear.  Scottish women didn't just en-masse, all decide to stop becoming hoors as off 2/3 years ago though...
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Aye they have completely flooded the market its slim pickings and it's no wonder on average they are about 8 times better off when they come over here plus all thier benefits they recive that's the beauty of being part of the EU.  :dash: But that's another argument altogether. 

Aye glasgowman youve defo done your sums and homework on how much it's taking of the genuine scottish hoors   :lol:

yes I've have had my far share of Romanians and could count with one hand the ones that were decent learned my lesson long ago the majority are smelly gypsies who take no pride or care in their self and so called "services" yet expect the punter to come back  :thumbsdown: they would sell their own granny for a few quid ruthless not for me al spend my hard earned elsewhere  :hi:

Aye mate its just your destiny tae get good honest Glesga hoors

went a bit over the top on my review of destiny was thinking with my cock and not my head  :diablo: no for the first time and probably not the last.   

Exclude in adult work is shite, it also excludes any WG without a nationality along with the Romanians or nationality of your choice.

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